Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah Issues Kol Korei Regarding the Sanctity of Shabbos


In light of the plan of the Tel Aviv municipality and several other localities to begin bus service on Shabbos, the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah has issued the following request that each person work on strengthening their own and their family’s shemiras Shabbos.



  1. Anti-semitism is brought on by HKB”H the creator of everyone.
    If we would teach ourselves and our children to have Genuine and Sincere love and empathy to every decent Human-Being, yes, including Non-Yidden, HKB”H would reward us, Middoh Kneged Middoh, and never again bring on any hatred or pogroms or holocausts, from the Non-Yidden, onto us.
    We don’t like hearing this, we would rather say things like, ‘Am Hadomeh Lachamor’, or ‘Halocha Byidua etc’. But the Riboino Shel Olom, who constantly keeps on creating every person Yidden and Non-Yidden does not buy all this talk.
    Just imagine when a school principal sees that a group of students formed a click of ten girls and they go around hurting the other girls by pulling their hair; so the principal sees this and instigates the other students to pull the hair of this click of students. Now imagine if this click would say, “Wow, why is this happening to us? Maybe its because we are not saying a Dvar Torah by the Shabos table?”. No, you silly: its because you pulled the hair of the other students.


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