Mofaz: “Netanyahu Has Chosen the Draft Dodgers”

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mofazAs reported earlier, members of Kadima quit the government coalition today, with 24 MKs voting in favor of the proposal.

Party chairman Shaul Mofaz convened a press conference after the vote where he declared that “Netanyahu has chosen the draft dodgers.”

Addressing soldiers and service applicants he said, “We fought for you. I have done everything and shall continue to do everything for you in order to achieve a new social treaty for equal distribution of the burden. I was ready to make compromises but we also had some red lines.”

Mofaz further added, “I turned every stone, I didn’t rush to quit even when the prime minister unilaterally dissolved the Plesner Committee and broke the coalition agreement.”

He added that Kadima will not take part in a “public hoax” or shy away from its commitment to the public. “History is not kind to those who could have done everything and willingly chose to do nothing,” he said in a jab to Netanyahu.

In his resignation letter to the prime minister, Mofaz stressed he did not seek to persecute the charedi public. “Out of narrow political interests you chose an alliance with the charedim over one with the Zionist majority,” he charged.

“It is with regret that I say that you have not the willingness, determination, courage nor leadership to fill your current duties. In your actions and failures you have chosen to flee the battle.”

Netanyahu wrote a letter in response to Mofaz’s resignation. “I regret your decision to squander an opportunity for a historic change,” he wrote. “I presented you with a proposal to achieve haredi and Arab draft at age 18 and I explained to you that the only way to implement this is gradually and without tearing up the Israeli society. I shall continue to work to bring a responsible solution,” he added.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Mofaz, you have neglected the 70% non-chareidi draft-dodgers from Tel Aviv.

    You hate chareidim because you left them while you were in yeshiva and now you want to fight them.

  2. A Zionist is one who yearns for Zion, for geulah and for a Israel of Torah. It is a sham that Mofaz and his like do not even understand what is a JEW. A Yehudi, A person who thanks Hashem and acknowledges the truth of the Torah. Mofaz & Kadima are not even Yisroelim they are secularist who happen to live in a area of land called Israel.

  3. The only reason Mofaz is leaving the coalition is politics. Isn’t it sad that they are fighting Hashem and his Torah for questionable political gain.
    These guys are shmiras shabbos and taharas hamishpacha dodgers.


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