Mom Wins Case To Vaccinate Her Daughter, Despite Father Opposing Injection

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A divorced mother was empowered by the court to vaccinate her 12-year-old daughter despite the objections of the minor’s father in a verdict given by judge Yehoram Shaked on Wednesday.

The mother, who has full physical custody of the girl, was forced to turn to the court in order to get permission to vaccinate her daughter after the father objected, arguing “there’s no chance she’ll contract measles” and insisting that his daughter “doesn’t want to [be vaccinated].”

In the verdict, the court included the testimony of Dr. Lior Ungar of Sheba Medical Center, who said that, “if an amusement park had a roller coaster ride in which one out of 600 children who rode on it would be ejected from the ride and killed, would you allow your child to get on it? That’s measles.”

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  1. And how do we know that the employee manning the rollercoaster is vaccinated? How do we know the ticket clerk is vaccinated? Etc, etc…

  2. Yes, Yes.
    Such a case in the past produced the single most compelling document ever produced.
    The Plotkin Deposition…
    Anyone who is serious about vaccine safety would take a look at it…

  3. Getting the measles shot is NOT going to erase the girl’s “one in 600” chance of getting measles. On the contrary, her getting the vaccine is probably going to make some kind of subtle strain on her physiology that will actually INCREASE her chances of getting measles or/and other disease conditions later on in her life. Furthermore, there is the chance — it may not be nearly as high as one in 600, but it still is a significant chance — that the vaccine will, Rachmana Litzlan, cause one of those much more IMMEDIATE and OVERT reactions of unstoppable screaming and violent convulsions that end either in being permanently severely maimed or in outright death.


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