MOMENT OF ATTACK: Video Footage Shows Attackers Pull Up Van And Enter Jersey City Kosher Supermarket With Rifles


A fund has been started to help the victims of Jersey City

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  1. From the video we can see that the primate took out the rifle from a car parked across the street and possibly fired a shot outside, which should have been enough to attract attention. Had the store owner been armed, he or she would have had a fighting chance of survival. Just hit the floor and fire into the assailant’s direction – no matter their superior firepower, they will take cover instead of charging in front of your bullets, which will grant you crucial minutes for help to arrive. You don’t need NJ concealed carry license to keep firearms at home and your place of business; just regular gun permit, which officially should take 60 days, but usually takes 6 months. Apply now. The cost is $5 plus $2 plus fingerprint fee. Find forms STS 033 and STS 066 at

  2. sites are saying the suspect was fom a Black Hebrew Israelite group , You Can see many videos of these idiots. Their vile and vicious anti-Semites and claimed to be the real Jews in that we are the imposters. They pontificate on street corners Across the country with loud speakers. They should immediately be taken off the streets. They get their support from Farrakhan and his boys. Farahkan must be investigated reference to this horrible tragedy. He riles while everybody up. And should be arrested. The black Hebrews
    rile everybody up and claim to be the real Jews and that we are imposters.

    • Lessor, who cares. We get attacked by both white and black racists. The only difference being that if a black racist attacks you and you successfully defend yourself, you will be the one charged with a hate crime, which is still a better option than ending up in a hospital or a cemetery. Otherwise, all kinds of goyim will continue to attack us if they perceive as a soft target. Animals always attack the weakest prey. Don’t be a dumb sheep, get your firearms permit.


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