Emergency Search: Monsey Man Missing After Rescue Attempt of Son in Greenwood Lake (Updated)


7 p.m. ET: All are asked to daven for the well-being of R’ Dovid Traube, a father of seven from Monsey, NY who has gone missing after attempting to rescue his son at Greenwood Lake, NJ.

The family was boating when one of the children fell into the water and the father went after the child to rescue him.

The child was brought to land, as was the rest of the family, but the father went missing.

Hatzolah and Chaveirim have joined police and fire rescue units in conducting the search.

All are asked to daven for R’ Dovid Zalman ben Bina.

Update: The search has been suspended until midnight due to inclement weather.



    • I don’t know what THEEE Eitza is,
      But one can refrain from replying negative to Loshon Hora which is posted on Yiddish websites, may it be with about Neturei Karta, may it be about Lev Tahor, may it be about Rabbi Berland,

      • You should learn the laws of lashon hara and who you ARE allowed to talk about. Talking about your shviger is not allowed, about rashaim…. Yes. And perhaps stopping to talk in shul would be a great start. The pervasive need to talk during tefilla and having open cellphones in shul is a good start.

      • Do you suggest we also should refrain from speaking “lashon hara” about j4j, or do you draw a line at some point?

        May Dovid Zolman ben Bina be found alive and well, along to all other Yidden who are suffering and whose whereabouts are not known. Sadly, some are prisoners of a cult, or have trusted someone they should not have trusted. May Moshiach wipe out all falsity and eradicate all evil right now.

  1. I whole hearted agree with your 2nd point,
    With regards to your suggestion to Lashon Harah I can’t challenge you as I’m not 100% familiar with what & what isn’t allowed, (though I should be), but common sense should prevail, calling other people Reshaim most certainly doesn’t help in the matter, leave the judging to Hashem, treat others as you’d want to be treated yourself ה’ צילך,


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