ATTACKED: Monsey Man Stabbed On Way to Shul


A frum man was stabbed on his way to shul in Monsey, New York, The Yeshiva World reports.

The incident took place on Howard Drive at 5:40 AM, where a man was found lying on the ground bleeding by a local passerby who immediately called for help. When Hatzolah came to the scene, the assumption was that the man was run over by a vehicle.

However, according to the victim, who lost consciousness shortly after Hatzolah arrived, the injuries stemmed from an assault where a vehicle pulled up next to him, and two men jumped out, beating and stabbing him. The assailants then drove off, leaving the victim wounded at the scene of the attack.

A security camera at a local home confirmed the victim’s account.

The victim was transported to Westchester Trauma Center where he was rushed into emergency surgery and is currently in critical condition. Everyone is asked to daven for Mordechai ben Brocha.

Local police have opened an investigation into the attack.



  1. The message is to do some minimal hishtadlus such as obtaining concealed carry permit in upstate NY and spending a few hours at a shooting range.


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