MONSEY MASKED: Officials Lock Down Monsey Shuls, Limit Minyanim to 10

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With COVID-19 clusters cropping up in parts of Rockland, the county’s Department of Health will be joining New York State Police in enforcing compliance.

This week, Rockland County saw a spike in COVID-19 infection rates, which peaked near 5 percent, compared to the rest of the state, which has hovered around 1 percent for weeks.

In response, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new “cluster action initiative” to attack hotspots to stop the spread of the virus, including some new rules and regulations that will be in place for at least two weeks.

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  1. Don’t comply, period. If they try to come in, don’t let them in. If they lock the shul doors, break the locks. If they start arresting people for the basic human rights, such as congregating and praying, as clearly guaranteed by the first amendment of the US Constitution, there’d be no other choice but to go Chashmonaim. If this really was about Corona, they would have stopped the BLM riots back in May; so obviously Corona is just an excuse for this attempted power grab. Either way, don’t comply with this illegal orders – don’t be an obedient moser.

    • Gutless idiot, know your place! We are in galus. The US is not our home. if you are such a groisse gibor , sign you name.

  2. to: Anonymous

    call me when you are saying kadish after a loved one…… who died from covid 19

    mehuderdika cohusid shoita…..

    say ato chinen le odom daas with groiss kavanah….

    shake hands with “heshey” in boro park

    • Dear 3:00pm Shoite,
      1) prove that there is a higher fatality level in NY/NJ frum community past beginning of May 2020 as compared to pre corona times. 2) prove that any of the lockdown methods do anything to stop covid19.
      I hear crickets.
      The fact is there is no mageifa by any stretch of imagination at this point in time in NY/NJ area, and the lockdown methods don’t save any lives – in fact only end up killing more people.
      I am not afraid of your klalos either, since H watches me and I inherited a bracha of Avrohom Avinu “umkalelcho oor”, but a goy like you is not so lucky, you know.
      Just don’t skip your meds, you sick erev rav.


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