Monsey: Yid Shot Multiple Times in Anti-Semitic Paintball Attack

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paintball-gunMonsey, NY – Three individuals have been charged with hate crimes after a frum man, a member of Chaveirim in Monsey, NY, was hit with paintballs fired from a passing car in the Vizhnitzer enclave of Kaser.

As the car – bearing a North Carolina license plate – passed the Chaveirim member and his friend on Rita Avenue at about 11:30 p.m., a person in the car yelled profanities about Jews and the Chaveirim member, Yosef Margareten, was then fired upon from the front passenger seat of the vehicle. The victim was hit at least twice in the stomach and chest with paintballs, while his friend’s car was struck three or four times.

Hatzolah members said that the victim, who suffered minor injuries and was taken to nearby Nyack Hospital, will be okay. They added that the injuries could have potentially been much worse, especially if the paintballs would have hit his face.

The suspects.
The suspects.

The friends told police that they both saw a male passenger fire about fix or six shots from what looked like a black rifle.

Members of Chaveirim followed and cornered the suspects and their vehicle on Frances Place, recovering a carbon dioxide-powered paint ball weapon from the car.

The three individuals in the car, two men and a woman have been identified as Shashi Ramsaroop, 23, of Clarkstown, 20-year-old Lindsey Peaks, of Spring Valley, and 19-year-old Demetrius Torain, also of Spring Valley. They were charged with second-degree assault as a hate crime, a felony. They also were charged with aggravated harassment, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal tampering.

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  1. The perpetrators were caught because the Chaveirim members followed, cornered, and recovered the paintball weapon; I imagine there had to be some form of physical force applied in order to successfully “corner” and “recover a weapon”. Police are wonderful – they are always minutes away when seconds count; if we won’t take our safety seriously, no one will. We need to provide an appropriate hishtadlus in order for Hashem to provide our safety; at least as much hishtadlus as usually reserved for parnosa.

  2. That was for Trayvon! Zimmerman was also referred to a white so they had the right!
    Hey Liberals, where are you! Wake up and scream that they wuz justifaad cuz of what Zimmerman did to Ttrayvon!


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