Montreal: Protest Against Bobov Shul Expansion


montrealDozens of people were out protesting this afternoon in the Plateau district, CJAD reports. They’re protesting the expansion of a Bobov Shul on Hutchison Street. The Plateau borough council recently approved a 400-thousand dollar project to renovate and expand the 60-year-old shul, which belongs to Bobov.Some locals say it will bring more traffic and increase long-standing friction with the chassidishe community; others are carrying signs reading, ‘no to favoritism.’

One member of Bobov was quoted as saying that if he survived the Holocaust, he’ll survive a group of angry Plateau residents.



  1. I thought in Canada there isnt anti-semitisim?
    why are they protesting a shul?
    if it would be a church they wouldnt have a problem!!


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