Moore: Biden’s Coronavirus Plan Will Kill 4 Million Jobs

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President-elect Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue plan will bring total spending on the pandemic to about $5 trillion, destroy about 4 million jobs, and “stimulate Washington” and blue state governments, when eliminating the payroll tax for a year would have a much better and far less expensive effect, economist Stephen Moore warns in an opinion piece.

“We could completely eliminate for an entire year the 7.5% payroll taxes paid by every small business and taken out of every worker’s paycheck,” Moore, an economist for FreedomWorks, wrote for Fox News. “That would unleash millions of jobs. This would have virtually ZERO administrative and bureaucratic costs. Maybe that’s why Washington pols don’t want to do it.”

The Biden “American Rescue Plan” includes “$350 billion for a blue state bailout, paid parental leave, a $15-an-hour minimum wage, $400 a week bonus unemployment checks, transit aid, paid leave of $1,400 a week, some $100 billion for school aid (for schools that have been shut down for almost a year!), ‘health equity’ grants, student debt relief and checks for illegal immigrants,” writes Moore. “All that is missing is the Green New Deal. Does any of this have anything to do with a health emergency?”

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  1. Big deal! They can all get Benefits cards and live off the fat of the land! That’s perfect for the Democratic platform: get as many dependents on handouts as possible! Hooray for Biden! Remember, Trump touted how many jobs he created.

  2. The guy is right that most of the 1.9 trillion dollars is being thrown in the garbage but claiming that it will kill four million jobs is nonsense hyperbole.

  3. At this point no one should believe that the “health” crisis was paramount in the political minds. The only objective was to get rid of and embarrass the President of the U.S. – Donald Trump. It has been the objective since November 2016 when he was elected. The shameless pursuit of this objective has cost more lives than the pandemic, more energy and resources have been spent, more coverage made on ridding the country of Donald Trump. The virus is and never has been an important issue to the political machines. Now the pendulum swings back and Joe Biden will have to deal with being attacked over his China deals and his son’s China deals. Iran will rebuild its nuclear program and the world will again be under siege. We have only the Ribono Shel Olam to believe in and to help us.

  4. FAKE NEWS! “President-elect Joe Biden” He’s not president elect, never was and will never ever be president. The best proof is that there’s not a word about his so-called inauguration which officially should be in another 3 days. Because the Democrats and their media know very well that it will never happen. If anything, this criminal will be arrested any day now.


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