More Details Of The Fraud Investigation


israeli-police-raidIt turns out that the issue behind the shutting down of a number of mosdos and arrests of a few people for fraud yesterday was more than just having people registered who were no longer learning in a kollel.There are many young men, mostly among residents of Meah Shearim, who refuse to take money from the State. Therefore, when they learn in kollel, they do not register for state funding – no stipends, no havtachat hachnasa.

Somebody realized this and said, “Hey, a gold mine in the making.” They took that information, they got lists of names of all these “sikrikim” and other people who don’t take money, they printed fake identity cards under all those names, and submitted all those names into the roster for government funding.

They figured that they would never get caught, because these people anyway had the right to take this money, and since they don’t, nobody would ever find out that someone took it under their names. The money was just sitting there anyway.

Lo and behold, someone found out. They almost always do.

Two interesting points that have developed:

1. The leaders of one of the communities involved in the scam, the Kehillas HaMasmidim, has come out against the “sikrikim” in this affair. It seems that the sikrikim found out what was happening and that their names were being used to defraud the State. They took their information to the authorities.

2. As reported earlier on, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv has voiced his opinion, stating that if the story and details are correct, those who stole the money have a din of a rodef. He says this will cause a backlash against charedim in Israel and around the world, and nobody had a right to do such a thing.

Chief Rabbi Rav Shlomo Amar has come out strongly as well, stating that it is completely assur to steal from the State and there is absolutely no heter.

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  1. The main point to learn here, is to follow the lead of these heilige Yidden who refuse to take a penny in zionist government funding — even though they are fully entitled to it by law — and follow their holy example.

    If we all would have refused the zionist money long ago, this kind of problem would never have happened.

  2. “Chief Rabbi Rav Shlomo Amar has come out strongly as well, stating that it is completely assur to steal from the State and there is absolutely no heter.”

    Rabbi Amar’s psak is very different from Rav Elyashiv’s. Rav Elyashiv did not mention (according to the reports) an issur of Gezel when it comes to the State but rather the backlash and its consequences which makes it ossur for what it would cause to the Olam Hatorah. Rabbi Amar seems to be saying that there is an issur Gezel from the State which many Poskim would disagree with.

  3. Those who follow the Gadol Hador, Rav Elyiashuv have no problem accepting money from the medinah (as the Rav did as a dayan)… and we do it honesty and with yashrus.

  4. #2 Are you telling me that you need Rav Elyashiv to come out and tell you that stealing against the state is ossur? Does it not say “Thou shal not steal” in the torah! You really think it’s muttar? Most likley you are just a troll and I took the bait.


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