More than 1,000 University of Alabama Students Test Positive For COVID-19 Since Classes Resumed

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More than 1,000 students at the University of Alabama’s Tuscaloosa campus have tested positive for COVID-19 since in-person classes resumed, according to the latest update to the college’s live dashboard.

On Friday, the university reported 492 new cases linked to students across its three campuses between Aug. 25 and 27. While the Tuscaloosa campus makes up the bulk of the cases (481), there are nine student cases at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and one student case at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. The university said that no students have been hospitalized as of Friday.

“We have the most robust testing regimen of any entity in the state, giving us a clear picture of virus spread and informing our decisions. Fortunately, our isolation occupancy is below capacity, and the number will be adjusted as students complete the isolation period,” University of Alabama System Chancellor Finis St. John said in a statement. “We are closely monitoring our data daily, and we will continue to adjust operations as the situation warrants.”

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  1. And if they test positive, so what? How do they know they haven’t tested positive before the coroney baloney started? Everyone can test positive, according to scientists.

  2. B”H we have Gedolei Yisroel who’ve started yeshivos and schools normally since before Shavuos where there are no testing; neither for melamdim nor for students. One who is not feeling well goes home, recuperates, but no testing. And the schools continue without political interference of nonsensical testing.


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