More Than 80 Babies Vaccinated Against Measles After Being Exposed By A Sick Father

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More than 80 premature and newborn babies were vaccinated for the measles following the exposure by a sick person who visited the Mayanei Hayeshua hospital in Bnei Brak on Thursday, Israel Hayom reported.

A father, who felt ill and did not report his conditions to the nurses, insisted on visiting his premature son. After checking the symptoms of his illness, he was diagnosed with measles.

Mayanei HaYeshua hospital decided to vaccinate 24 premature babies and 60 babies who were in the adjacent hospital.

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  1. I am sorry, but the father is an idiot, for visiting his own premature baby, while feeling ill. Measles, flu, or the common cold, one has to have a modicum of common sense, and not expose the baby, especially a premature one, to anything that could endanger his life.

    • The rodfim are the doctors for lying that it’s lifetime immunity and the sheeple who foolishly believe them, even though they openly see that the doctors are lying. 99.9% adults who got measles the past few months were given double dosage vaccinations as children. If the MMR vaccination is life immunity, why in the world are they contracting measles today as adults, as fathers, as mothers? Could you understand?

  2. Father should be jailed, Period enough of this nonsense. He is a criminal should be charged with 84 counts of assault with intent to do bodily harm.

  3. #1 The main question: Why did the father contract measles if he was vaccinated as a child?
    #2 No reason to vaccinate with dangerous vaccination nursing babies whose mother’s contracted measles and are immune for life.

    • This is the problem with Anti-Vaxxers. Who said that the father was ever vaccinated for the measles in te first place?

      Why do you jump to conclusions and tout them as facts?

      • Why should we think they were not. This is the problem with the vaxxers, they can’t accept the facts the CDC says, which is that most outbreaks happen to people that DID get vaccinated. Go check it out and you will see

        • The reason why we’re still stuck with this ugly disease is because of people like you who are uneducated and unvaccinated. Then you all raise a ruckus when the disease spreads! The next thing is of course to blame the vaccinations and how ineffective they are!

          Yes, we know, the whole world is one big conspiracy and we are all being controlled by Big Pharma, yadda yadda.

          Get your education from true sources, not from new webpages that pop up!

  4. i really hope all those babies will be ok. please keep us updated on their health condition, and let us know how they tolerated the exposure / and the vaccination.
    thank you

    • No, what should be done and the safest and healthiest is to stop vaccinations and expose your little children to those who contracted the measles a childhood disease like chickenpox, hopefully they will contract it too and become immune for life. Very dangerous for adults to contract measles and sadly all these measles outbreaks were vaccinated as children.

  5. I am vehemently opposed to anti-vaxxers, but I don’t see this as a vaxxing issue at all. Whatever you believe about vaccinations, nobody would want to see newborns exposed to dangerous or potentially dangerous illnesses, whether we’re talking about ebola, the flu or measles.
    Per the article, this man deliberately exposed newborn babies (among others) to a serious illness and, whether he is a halachik rodef or not, he did something incredibly reckless with shocking unconcern about its effects on others. Such a person deserves to go to prison.

  6. Maybe he had a vaccine and the titers vanished? every parent or future parent should recheck titers every few years, its a very simple blood test. Definitelly if you have even just a plain cold, you should not enter a NICU


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