Moshav Modiim Continues To Burn As Firefighters Work To Contain The Flames

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Thousands of Israelis have been evacuated from their homes and at least sixteen houses destroyed Thursday as fires rage out of control in central and southern Israel.

Homes have been reported as destroyed in both Kibbutz Harel and Mevo Modim, which sits near the Ben Shemen forest and just off of Route 443.

Residents from Harel, Mevo Modim, and a number of towns near Mevo Modim – including Gimzu, Kfar Daniel, and even Shilat – have been evacuated in part or entirely. Current estimates put the number of evacuated residents at about 3,500.

Officials say the Ben Shemen forest, a major nature preserve near the densely-populated coastal region, suffered “massive damage” in the fire.

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  1. I hope this wasn’t caused by these dumb lag baomer fires which has no basis in the Torah. Adaraba, dancing around a fire is a form of Avoda Zara. These people have too much time on their hands.

    • Exactly. The Boyaner Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Meir Shechter, Rav Tzvi Meir Silberberg (who learns 14 hours retzifus each day) etc. etc. have too much time on your hands, and YOU, all-knowing Matzav commentator, are the generation’s authority on what has, and what doesn’t have, basis in the Torah. Give me a break. And, for your information, the fire was caused by the heat, not a “dumb Lag b’omer fire”. You should wash out your mouth.

  2. Saying the emmes: I saw your comment in yeshiva world as well (under your other name- “a time for truth” I believe. You made the same point there. Please put on a new pair of glasses and instead of just assuming and looking for faults in other yidden, perhaps feal the pain of the people that lost their homes and belongings and have to figure out where to find shelter for their families. So callous to not feal/mention their pain. The now homeless are innocent. And btw many admorim whom have probably been around much longer than u, and from what it seems have vastly more knowledge than you, seem to think it’s OK to dance around a fire in certain circumstances, along with the other 1/2 million jews. (Not that numbers really prove anything)
    Hatzlacha – may u b blessed with an Ayin Tovah!

  3. There are many minhagim that might not be your cup of tea but if it’s minhag Yisroel you shouldn’t make choizik of it. It might be al pi kabalah, al pi sod, al pi chassidus, or for whatever reason, your yiras Shamayim should be strong enough to tolerate it, especially if millions of Jews follow it.


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