Mossad Chief “100 Percent Certain” Iran Seeks Nuclear Bomb 

VOA News reports that Yossi Cohen, the head of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, told a recent closed meeting of senior officials in Yerushalayim, “I am 100% certain that Iran has never abandoned its military nuclear vision for a single instant. This [nuclear] deal enables Iran to achieve that vision. That is why I believe the deal must be completely changed or scrapped. The failure to do so would be a grave threat to Israel’s security.”
Cohen called the nuclear deal a “terrible mistake” that allows Iran to keep key elements of its nuclear program intact and will remove other restraints in a few years. “Then Iran will be able to enrich enough uranium for an arsenal of nuclear bombs,” Cohen said, adding that the decision to lift sanctions on Iran has resulted in “significantly increased” aggression by Iran, and noted Iran’s continued development of long-range ballistic missiles.
{ Israel}


  1. So Yossi Cohen knows better than Obama, Kerry, Rice, Biden, Booker, & Gillibrand?! It can’t be! Why must those evil Israelis always exaggerate?!


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