Mother Of Adele Biton, Killed In Shomron Rock Attack, Gives Birth On Her Birthday


Adva Biton, whose daughter Adele was critically wounded after being struck in a Shomorn rock attack 2013 and died of her wounds two years later, gave birth to a daughter on Adele’s Hebrew birthday.

“Last night, b’chasdei Hashem, I gave birth to our seventh daughter on the fifteenth of Iyar, on the same date as her sister, Adele,” Biton wrote on Facebook, adding that the birth was a “mix of emotions” for her.

In an interview with Ayala Hasson, Dr. Adva Biton said that she had a feeling that she would give birth on the charged date and called the day, 15 Iyar, a mix of a “bitter eye” and a happy heart.



  1. There are no coincidences in the world. What chizuk! The amount of children Hashem planned for them they have no matter what. Beautiful news. Thank you for sharing it! Mazel Tov!


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