Mother Of Man Wrongly Shot By Police At Alabama Mall: The Whole Scenario Would Have Played Out Differently If He Had Been White

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The mother of a young black man killed by a police officer in an Alabama shopping mall said Tuesday she believes her son would still be alive had he been white.

Pipkins’ son, 21-year-old Emantic “EJ” Bradford Jr., was shot to death Thanksgiving night by a police officer responding to a report of a shooting in a shopping mall in Alabama. Police initially blamed Bradford, who they said had a gun in his hand and was responsible for shooting two people at the mall. They later retracted that statement and said it was unlikely that Bradford had done the shooting.

“I think the whole scenario would have played out differently, I really do,” April Pipkins said in an interview with The Associated Press.


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  1. Ms. Pipkins is %100 right. The cop is an evil white racist. He purposely sought out a black man to kill. This is all part of a cabal formed by that evil white bigoted racist Trump, who only got to steal the White House thanx to the Russians. Trump and his friends in the police stations around the country are trying to rid this Country of blacks and make America an Aryan Nation. I agree with Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff. We must impeach Trump asap!

  2. I think she is, sadly, correct.
    Who is to blame? can anyone state that the prevalence of crime among African-American citizens has nothing to do with it? If the police officer was careless, or worse a trigger-happy racist, he should pay for his crime, but what if he felt threatened by an armed young man and feared for his life? Would we have done differently in his shoes? Also, I have not followed closely the story, but for what I know, the officer might well be Afro-American too.
    My condolences to the family, it is unimaginable to have a son shot to death while he tries to save other people’s lives and his body left like rubbish and posted on the internet, not to mention having to deal with the false statement that he was the murderer, which took a while to retract. No one should have to suffer what they are going through.

    • Well put. Based on the news we’ve seen, he was not only innocent, but quite possibly a good guy trying to save others from the actual shooter(s).


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