Motti Steinmetz Turns Down HASC

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motty steinmetzThe most prestigious concert in the world of Jewish music is the HASC concert, the annual event to benefit the beloved and acclaimed Hebrew Academy for Special Children summer camp. The concert is held each year in midtown Manhattan.

Producers of the event reached out to popular singer Motti Steinmetz to perform at this year’s event, but he politely turned them down. The reason? Motti has accepted upon himself to follow certain rules of tznius – such as not performing in front of mixed-seated audiences – and so he felt compelled to turn down the offer. Motti has maintained his kabbolah about when and where to perform since he was a bochur.

As reported here on Matzav, Motti celebrated his marriage this past month.

This year’s HASC concert, which will feature Yaakov Shwekey, Abie Rotenberg and others, will be the 29th show. It will be held in January.

Motti stressed that he was deeply honored to be asked by HASC to perform. Despite the financial loss involved, however, he had to turn down the offer.



  1. What is wrong with a fa ily sitting together at a concert. I was not zoche to have daughters, si am I supposed to sit alone at a concert?

  2. Kol hakavod, Motty. (The headline should be rewritten. It makes it look like he snubbed them.)
    MBD wouldn’t start singing at my niece’s chasuna until the mechitza was positioned properly and the group of ladies who were crowded around the bandstand returned to their tables.
    If all our singers and musicians would maintain the proper standards/hashkafos Jewish music would sound Jewish again and chasunas wouldn’t be deafening discos.

  3. #8:
    You can sit however you like. Motti Steinmetz is not making a judgment call on your or mine or anybody else’s seating arrangements. He has chosen a certain hanhagah for himself, and that’s why he declined.

  4. Kol Hakavod. He is my family’s favorite singer and his eidelkeit and humility is always evident. I look forward to my teenagers discussing his strength and conviction for his values at the Shabbos table. What a role model for today’s adolescents – thank you, Motti, for teaching my children in this powerful way. May Hashem grant you Bracha V’Hatzlacha in your career and personal life.

  5. how could anyone say NO to such an important tzedaka.????? is ones modesty more important than helping another JEW???? I have a big problem w/this!!!!!!!!!!!! do CHESED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Motty has raised the bar in the Hymisha music industry, and raised the bar when it comes to Erlichkiet too!
    Motty you should be G’benched with only good and with many more years of Hatzlocha! You have an unbelievable Koiach!

  7. #1- As far as I understand the entertainers make most of their money off the cd’s and videos that are sold. Whereas most of the money from sold tickets actually goes to HASC.

  8. #22 M_S……well, if he’s not consistent and sometimes performs at mixed affairs and sometimes doesn’t, this would demonstrate to us that he’s not really serious about it and maybe we should “be harsh on him”. HASC is a great organization and if he’s a “sometimes yes and sometimes no” man, then he should by all means accept the invitation! why is that so hard for you to understand?

  9. Good for him. I know another singer that once had morals and scruples until he lost them.

    BTW #5, there is LIMITED separate seating. Most is MIXED.

  10. no words can describe this sacrifice
    Motty is a role model for klal yisroel
    of course Hasc is an amazing organization helping choyle yisroel
    yet for the ehrlichkeit Motty evokes is truly sroming the heavens
    beautiful work what a zechus to both!


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