MOUTH-WATERING: Photos: The Boosur Butcher and Restaurant in South Fallsburg With a Wide Array of Meats (JDN)

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  1. This is clearly a paid advertisement- so why isn’t it listed as such, instead of pretending to be a News Article?

  2. Please, dear butchers do your part
    Before the meat-free nine-days start
    Make it part of our mesorah
    A meat truck selling Fleish HaTorah
    Cooked or baked or deep-fried boosur
    Before Rosh Chodesh makes it oosur
    Who needs music? Who needs shaving?
    Fleishigs is the thing we’re craving
    Hurry up, now don’t get flustered
    Grill a juicy frank with mustard
    We don’t need another shake
    Gimme burgers, gimme steak
    Meals on wheels, a fleishig treat
    Who needs ice-cream? Gimme meat!

  3. Is this place a “Boosur Boosur” place or a Boosur Koosheh” or maybe a “Boosur Glatt” or maybe a “Boosur Mehadrin”.
    Efshar ah Boosur Mehadrin min Hamehadrin to be utilized on Chanikah.


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