Moving: ALS Didn’t Stop This Mother & Daughter From Enjoying Their Time Together

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Ayala Zayig is only 17 years old, but she carries herself with the maturity of someone much older. That’s because in her short years, she has endured considerable suffering. Her mother, Rebbetzin Ruti Zayig, bravely fought ALS for four years. She recently passed away, and Ayala’s life has changed considerably. This is her heartbreaking message for you:

The Zayig girls have done all they can to step in to fill their mother’s shoes, as their father struggles to support their large household singlehandedly. No one, however, can take the place of a mother – especially not children who have watched their mother waste away and are still feeling the fresh wound of her passing.

Those who are able to chip in to help this family survive can do so here for a limited time.