Mozambique Police Fear Bald Men Killings Linked To Superstition That There’s Gold In Their Bald Spots

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Police in Mozambique have reportedly issued a warning that bald men may be attacked for the purposes of witchcraft and rituals associated with local superstitions.

The warning comes after two bald men were brutally killed in the south east African country’s Zambezia province, according to the Agence France Presse (AFP). One of the men had been found with his head cut off and his organs removed.

The murders led to the arrest of two men, whose motivations “came from superstition and culture – the local community thinks bald men are rich,” national police spokesman Inacio Dina told the news agency.

In a separate interview with the BBC, he added: “The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold.” Read more at The Independent.




  1. When I was a kid in Cheder, I was always asked when I was picking my nose, are you digging for gold? So I always thought there was takeh gold up my nostrils.


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