Mr. Asher Zelig Brodt Aims to Draw Satmar Chassidim to Lakewood

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satmar lakewoodLakewood, NJ – Mr. Asher Zelig Brodt of Imperial Real Estate has embarked on drawing Satmar Chassidim to the yeshiva community of Lakewood, New Jersey.

A new multi-page color brochure, all in Yiddish, describes the features of Lakewood, primarily the various Chassidishe shuls and botei medrash in the town, as a means of attracting Chassidishe clientele.

Mr. Brodt, himself a resident of Lakewood, has held events geared specifically for Chassidishe buyers.

Housing prices have shot up in Lakewood over the past few years, leaving many local young families – including yungeleit – scrambling to buy homes as they now go up against buyers from Brooklyn and elsewhere seeking housing in Lakewood.

Lakewood is home to Beth Medrash Govoha, the largest yeshiva in the country, founded by Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l, around which the city was built.


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  1. Great news. Now we know who to blame for the outrageous housing prices. Don’t Satmar have their own communities to move to? Not that I care if they move to Lakewood, but must everyone move here? If we had a Litfisheh community somewhere in close proximity to NY like Monroe, I’m sure many of ours would move there. There will be a greater shortage of housing for those learning in Yeshiva, causing prices to continue to be unaffordable. I’m sure Mr. Brot has good intentions, however I don’t think we realize what this will cause.

  2. So basiucally because people from brooklyn and elsewhere are being drawn to lkwd, I, born and bred in lkwd, will never own a house. Thank you very much

  3. This is the fault of the real estate agents – not all of them, but some – who keep driving the prices up, to their benefit. They don’t care about the hamon am. They care about themselves. They should be exposed.

  4. What’s the point if the price of housing – – buying or rentals keep shooting up because of the demand.
    The reason people want to move and buy in Lakewood, is because it used to be affordable (maybe) compared to Boro Park and Williamsburg. .
    Can somebody please provide housing for us people who never get a chance to buy…by keeping the prices affordable (whatever that means) and not lining your own pockets!
    Is there such a thing as developers thinking , we B”h have…lets try to help our brothers and sisters struggling for housing? How are young people supposed to afford housing when all you expect is for the men to stay in kollel..and for those who can’t…what skills do the men have to acquire good jobs.
    This is all a big mess…with the wealthy profiting….never enough.never enough..and some people struggling where to put their kids to sleep.

  5. The yungerleit should see the handwriting on the wall. Lakewwod is not their future. They have to relocate to a place 20-30 minutes away that doesn’t have the restaurants and shopping that is attracting others.

  6. Eli

    That is what Rav Aharon Kotler ZT”L started & built for Lakewood. the restaurants & fancy stuff just started recently within the past few years versus BMG started over 50 yeard ago.

  7. reb aaron kotler made this town for yeshivaleit, why do we who the town was made for have to shtrugle because you want to move in and do what reb aaron didnt want his town to become what it is today.

  8. How about spreading out through the surrounding towns instead of concentrating in one place. Might even be a great investment for the real estate businessmen.

  9. its all about making more more and driving the real estate prices up lets

    the more realtors bring in outsiders the harder it will become to own a home in lakewood

  10. I have lived in Lakewood for almost 40 years. Of course when I came here as a newlywed, most of the frum Yidden were associated with BMG. Fast forward about 25 years and my husband once had to get a ride into NY with a carpool of people who had recently moved to Lakewood. In passing conversation my husband mentioned the Yeshiva. He was completely blown away when the people in the car said, “Which Yeshiva?” That was the beginning of the end. BMG will probably stay strong for a long time to come. But it will not be the center of the frum life in Lakewood. What a shame! Similar to what happened in Monsey where the frum Yidden were affiliated with Bais Medrosh Elyon. Those days are gone too. It’s hard to do, but we can’t live in the past. At least this means that frum life is flourishing KA”H.


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