Mr. Henry Menachem z”l

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candle-small5The following story follows‘s  report yesterday on the Manhattan shooting:

A coldblooded thief fatally shot an elderly Madison Avenue jewelry-store worker who refused to hand over the loot during a $1 million heist yesterday — then forbade the dying man’s colleague from calling 911.

Henry Menachem, 71, was gunned down inside R.S. Durant Jewelers — just up the street from the Whitney Museum on the ritziest retail stretch in Manhattan.

The well-dressed gunman walked into the store shortly after noon, announced a robbery and threw two canvas bags at Menahem and a co-worker, ordering them to fill them up, cops said.

Both men boldly refused. The gunman released the ammo clip from his 9mm semiautomatic handgun to show them the bullets.

“You think I’m kidding? This is real!” he yelled at Mr. Menachem, jamming the clip back in and firing once at his chest, police said.

Mr. Menachem fell to the ground, and the killer began to fill the bags himself, ordering the horrified co-worker to help.

The thug knocked over a glass display case in the 12-by-20-foot boutique and grabbed fistfuls of gems and diamond necklaces.

Mr. Menachem co-worker pleaded with the shooter to let him call 911 so rescue workers could have a chance to save his life.

“No,” the killer said.

The gunman — whose face was covered with a scarf and sunglasses — fled south on Madison Avenue. There was no video camera in the store.

The sources estimated the ruthless robber got away with more than 20 pieces of jewelry worth more than $1 million.

A source said a door buzzer designed to keep out suspicious characters was on the fritz.

Witnesses later described a chaotic scene at the store, between East 75th and 76th streets.

Chauffeur Ray Alicea said a man was outside, screaming into his cellphone, “Pop was shot! Pop was shot! We got robbed!”

The victim “looked like he was in really bad shape. There was blood everywhere,” Alicea said.

Tony Burke, who works in a nearby restaurant, said, “The cop was standing over him trying to stop the bleeding. [Mr. Menachem’s] entire shirt — from his neck to his stomach — was covered in blood.”

Paramedics performed CPR as they got him into an ambulance, but their efforts were in vain.

A woman at his Long Branch, NJ, home said, “The family is in shock.”

A family friend described Mr. Menachem as “a gentleman,” an Orthodox Syrian Jew with three grown daughters and “many grandchildren.”

“He was always a very friendly, happy guy, always caring about people,” the pal said. “At one time, he was battling cancer. Unfortunately, this is what took him.”

The killer was described as a 5-foot-10 black man in his 30s, wearing a blue wool coat, black shoes, gray pants, a scarf, sunglasses and black gloves.

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  1. when a person with a gun tells you to hand over jewelry or a purse or whatever, you agree. for both the father and son to say “no” is what led to this tragedy. besides, a madison avenue jewelry store should be fully insured.

  2. commonsense – blaming the victim instead of the perpetrator is classic. Your thought process is what is wrong with this country. Any bets that is was a muslim? Why no description of this thief and murderer of an elderly unarmed and law-abiding citizen?

  3. To Mr. Menachem’s family I send my condolences. I hope this animal is caught and executed for brutally taking his life. This man stood up to this theif and Heaven shall hold a special place for him.


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