Mrs. Avigail Rechnitz a”h

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candle-small5It is with great sadness that we report the petirah of Mrs. Avigail (Wakslak) Rechnitz a”h of Los Angeles, who passed away following an illness.

Mrs. Rechnitz was the wife of noted askon R’ Yisroel Zev Rechnitz.

Thousands had been davening for Ruchama Avigayil Meima Rochel bas Rivka Penina, but her pure neshamah was returned to her Creator.

Mrs. Rechnitz was a devoted mother, wife and daughter whose chessed knew no boundaries. She served as a dedicated eizer kenegdo, helping her husband, Reb Yisroel Zev, in his many acts of chessed and tzedakah.

She is survived by her devoted husband, R’ Yisroel Zev; their three children; her parents, Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. Chaim Wakslak, rabbi and rebbetzin of the Young Israel of Long Beach; and her siblings, Dr. Menachem Wakslak of LA, Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Wakslak of Lakewood, and Mrs. Yael Rosenberg of Kew Garden Hills.

The levaya will take place at 7:30 p.m. in Shaarei Tefila on Beverly Blvd. Kevurah will take place in Eretz Yisroel.

May she be a melitzas yosher for her entire family and all of Klal Yisroel.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

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  1. She served as the president of the ladies bikur cholim and never stopped worrying about other no matter how sick she was. She seven said she now knows what people go through when they are sick and she can now do exactly what they really need. She was a special person and the entire los Angeles will miss her dearly. A devoted husband and mother who always made time for her family no matter how busy she was with her chesed. We are all brokenhearted.

    May.she be a melitz yosher for her husband and 3 small children.

    Yamaha hashem dimah meal kol panin

  2. She was a great tzaddekes who did boundless chesed with cholim and people in need. She did her chesed in such a tzinus manner that only those who needed her help knew. She was a tzenuah. A book could be written about her, she was so incredible.

  3. She was a pillar in our community. President of the ladies bikur cholim and even when she got sick she wouldn’t stop doing for others.
    When people would say take care of urself she would reply that she now knows what others go through and only she can do it right. She was always pushing everyone to do bigger and greater things chesed. She wouldn’t stop even the last few weeks to save someone who was sick from his house being taken away by the bank. She was simply one of the few people who did genuine chesed without any fanfare. With all this she always made sure to be a husband and mother first. He children were her pride and joy and they always came first.

    May she be a melitz yosher for her choshuve husband as well as her precious children.

  4. The Levaya will be IY”H, this evening, at 7:30, in the main shul of Shaarei Tefila.

    I’m so sad. I can’t shed enough tears. I feel so much pain for her children. They are such gems. I have no idea how they will over come this. I wish there could be something I can do to help. Hashem Yerachem!!!!!! Please Hashem help her kids and husband 🙁

  5. Levaya at 7:30PM in SHAREI TEFILA on Beverly Blvd not in Sharei Torah on La Brea. The kevura will be in EY.

    There isn’t a dry eye in this city. A pure women whose tzidkuneyos knew NO boundaries. A mother that devoted every second she had to her children the oldest whose bar mitzva is in a few months and the youngest not even 6 years old with a special daugter who is about 10 in between. May she be mailitz yosher for her husbands shul who lately has had endless tzoros and all of klal yisroel and espicially her special family. AD MOSAI

  6. Avigayil A”H was an extraordinary wife, mother and friend. We as close friends are all mourning over her petirah. There isn’t one bad thing someone can possibly say about her. She was just a living caring devoted person whom everyone wanted to be surrounded by. Although she was very sick over the past 2 years she never gave up and always remained strong although her illness. May we all daven to Hashem to cease all our tzaros and may Avigayil A”H be a meilitz yosher for all of klal yisroel. Amen

  7. Hookup info: levaya begins at 7:30 pm LA time (10:30EST)
    Call 718 258 2008 press 9 then 1
    May the Rechnitz family and all of klal yisroel only have simchas

  8. There will be a live hookup The Levaya will begin at 7:30PM LA time(10:30 PM NY time) Call 718-258-2008 press 9 then press 1

  9. I just heard Zev Brenner announce with great sadness over WJPR Highland Park, the petirah of this young lady to this horrible plague disease. whom we have been davening for here in central New Jersey. May Hashem comfort the entire family and she should have a lichtigen gan eden.

  10. Live hookup info call718-258-2008 then press 9 then press 1. Keep in mind that it begins 7:30pm LA time which is 10:30 pm NY time

  11. There will be a live hook up of the Levaya of Mrs. Avigail Rechnitz a”h.
    The Levaya will begin at
    7:30PM LA time(10:30 PM NY time)
    Call 718-258-2008 press 9 then 1

  12. The Artsroll Rebbetzin Kanievsky book taught us that Bnos Yisroel can achieve great heights and are the fundamental foundation of the home. Avigayil the devotion you cared for your children and husband will always be an eternal Zechus and role model for your family.

  13. There will be a live hook up of the Levaya of Mrs. Avigail Rechnitz a”h.
    The Levaya will begin at
    7:30PM LA time(10:30 PM NY time)
    Call 718-258-2008 press 9 then 1

  14. There will be a live hook up of the Levaya of Mrs. Avigail Rechnitz a”h.
    The Levaya will begin at
    7:30PM LA time(10:30 PM NY time)
    Call 718-258-2008 press 9 then 1

  15. Mrs. Rechnitz was an amazing women who always thought about others and taught her children the same. She is a true role model of what a frum women should be. May she be a meilitz yosher for the entire family, community, and all of klal yisroel.

  16. There will be a live telephone hook up of the Levaya of Avigail Rechnitz A”H. The levaya will begin this evening at 7:30 PM (pst) 10:30 PM NY time) Call 718 258-2008 press 9 then 1.

  17. Avigail Rechnitz – Avigail Maima Rochel Bas HaRav Chaim Aron A”H

    There will be a live telephone hook up of the Levaya of Avigail Rechnitz A”H. The levaya will begin this evening at 7:30 PM (pst) 10:30 PM NY time) Call 718 258-2008 press 9 then 1.

  18. I will never forget how she hosted me on a moment’s notice on a visit I made to LA. Not only was I given a spotless and luxurious guest house to stay in, but she cooked me a delicious steak dinner, exquisitely served. When I protested that she was going too far, she said, “You don’t know how much pleasure it gives me to pamper a hard-working mother.” I didn’t have the zechus of knowing her, as the LA natives commenting here did, but that brief encounter, and her extraordinary hachnasas orchim for someone she didn’t even know, spoke volumes about the person she was. The guestbook in the guesthouse is also eloquent testimony to the grace and beauty with which she invested this mitzva, qualities that surely permeated the rest of her life. I am so saddened to read of her petira. Tehai nafsha tzerura betzror hachaim.

  19. They recorded the video of the entire levaya. Anybody know where we can watch the video?! It was very inspiring! I want to hear what her husband and brother inlaw had to say again. It brought everyone to tears!


    FOR MORE INFO CALL 052-702-8743
    Shiva will be in Rechavia until 10:00 PM
    23 Usishkin Street

  21. The levaya in EY will be on Thursday at about 3PM from shamgar to har hamenuchos and after a short shiva in EY the family will fly back to LA late Thursday night. The Aron was accompanied by all aveilim and some family and friends

    Shiva will be for all of the aveilim in LA at the home of the nifteres 143 N. Formosa Ave. LA CA 90036 beginning Friday and ending Wed 8/21 after Shachris.

  22. I was zoche to be hosted by her in their guesthouse with my wife last year. We couldn’t get over the attention to detail she placed into any possible need a guest would need. We counted over 100 notes from people who had stayed in her back house previous to us. Many Roshei Yeshiva and prominent people. May she be a melitzes Yosher for her family and the rest of klal Yisroel.

  23. Shivah will be observed as follows: Mr. Yisroel Zev Rechnitz and his children as well as Dr. Menachem Wakslak will be sitting at 143 N Formosa Los Angeles CA getting up Wed morning. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Wakslak will be sitting in LA through Sunday night and will be sitting at 15 W Beech St Long Beach NY on Monday. They will return to LA to sit for Tues and get up in LA Wed morning. Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Wakslak will be sitting in LA Sunday in Long Beach Monday and at his home in Lakewood Tues getting up Wed morning. Mrs. Yael Rosenberg will be sitting in LA through Sunday in Long Beach Monday and at her home in Queens Tues getting up Wed morning.

  24. i was avigail’s nurse when she began treatment for her disease. i was impressed by her strength, humor and her beautiful face.
    we talked about vacations to hawaii with her kids, and she brought me matzos at holiday time
    i feel profoundly saddened by her death. it was evident that she was someone so very special with so much to give to all of us eileen


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