Mrs. Adira Chana Boltshauser a”h

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candle-small6It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mrs. Adira Chana Boltshauser a”h at the age of 23. Adira, of Kiryat Sefer, was the wife of Yehudah Boltshauser and a daughter of Dr. Seth and Mrs. Joni Miller of Lakewood, NJ.

Adira suffered a seizure last night and a mobile ICU unit arrived to attempt to stabilize her. While transporting her to the ambulance, Adira suffered a second seizure, though she was still conscious. She was taken to the ICU at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in Tzerifin. Adira had been expecting at the time, with several weeks until her due date, and about 10 minutes from the hospital, Adira stopped breathing, which meant that the baby was not receiving any oxygen. Immediately upon arrival, Adira was placed on a respirator and an emergency cesarean section was performed. Boruch Hashem, a healthy baby girl, the Boltshausers’ first child, was delivered. The baby was born in shock, however, and was transferred to the pre-natal ICU.

Yidden around the globe davened for the recovery of Chaya Adira Chana bas Shoshana, while the baby was stabilized. Tefillos continued for Tinokes bas Chaya Adira Chana.

yehudah-boltshauserThe doctors learned that high protein levels and high blood pressure were the cause for Adira’s seizures.

This morning, Adira’s neshama returned to its Creator.

Hespeidim are not supposed to be said on Rosh Chodesh, Yehudah Boltshauser said following the levaya, but he told the Haredim news agency, “One of the things my wife would do was go to shul every Shabbos mevorchim for Birchas Hachodesh, even when it wasn’t easy. This week,” he said, “we went o Ramot Daled, to Rav Schwartzman, and she went to shul for Birchas Hachodesh. The last vort I told her was on Birchas Hachodesh. Why, I asked her, do we daven for ‘chaim aruchim’? Didn’t we already say it on Rosh Hashanah? Why the need to say it every month? The explanation may be that chaim aruchim does not only refer to actual life, but that the job every day is to do what Hakadosh Boruch Hu wants.

“This is what characterized my wife,” R’ Yehudah said. “Every day she fulfilled her mission, and she thus truly merited arichas yomim, for she completed her task in life early.”

Yehudah commented that he has seen “so many miracles” with the fact that the baby, in her condition, according to doctors, had only a five percent chance to survive, and yet, boruch Hashem, the baby is completely healthy.    

Hakadosh Boruch Hu took the life of the mother and gave it to the baby,” he said.

“The chizuk to me,” he concluded, “are the hundreds of people who came to daven and help.”

The levaya was held this afternoon and kevurah took place in Beer Yaakov. Adirah was buried next to her mother-in-law, who was niftar this past summer.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

 {Yair Israel/Photo: Haredim}


  1. Baruch Dayan Haemes! There are no comforting words to the family at this very difficult and trying times. May Tinokes bas Chaya Adira Channah have a complete refuah shelama and be a great source of yiddishe nachus to her incredible Father Yehudah and Grandparents.
    Keep up the amazing bitachon and unfalable emunah in H’KBH. We must each look into our neshamos and see what we all can do to change for the better; i.e. not speaking loshen harah, doing more chesed, not speaking during tefillah, being totally honest in your business dealings etc. so that tragedies like this do not occur chas ve shalom again.
    Hamakom Yenachem Etchem Betoch Shaar Availei Zion Ve Yerushalayim, may you have many simachot b’ simcha be karov in good health! Amen!

  2. This is a tragedy beyond words. I am heartbroken, even though this is a family I personally do not know. I am awed at the emunah that Mr. Bolthauser is displaying, to be so strong after such a shocking tragedy/simcha. May Ha-Shem give him the strength to get through this terribly difficult time and to raise his daughter to Torah, Chuppah, and Ma’asim Tovim. And may his bitochon continue to be so strong and may it be a nechama for him to know how many of us will try to emulate him in his bitochon when we are faced with hardships- and that should be a zechus for him. B”DE, may he only know of simchas from hereon.

  3. The additional name, Chaya, was added to the name of Adira Chana, while she was in the hospital.

    The rule is that if the additional name (in this case, Chaya) was added within 30 days before the sick person was C”V Niftar, the additional name is not kept.

    From now on,

    please daven L’Iluy Nishmas
    Adira Chana bas Shais, A”H

    and for a Refuah Shelaymah Mehayrah for
    Tinokess bas Adira Chana

    (This rule was obtained from a Rov. This is documented in the Facebook group: L’illuy Nishmas Adira Chana bas Shais a”h)

    B”H the baby is stable, but she’s still in the ICU, so she still needs Tefilos.

    Thank you.

  4. Would you please change the name of this article to “Mrs. Adira Chana Boltshauser a”h”

    That is now her correct name.

    The baby should please be davened for as:

    Tinokess bas Adira Chana

    Thank you.

  5. The name of the Nifteres A”H is now
    Adira Chana bas Shais.

    The name of the baby, to daven for a Refuah Shelaymah Mehayrah, is now
    Tinokess bas Adira Chana.

  6. I am writing this note on Wednesday morning, with tears rolling down my cheeks. Adira BAS Shes was not only my student but as close as family. Seth and Joni are very special people Beni Aliya, people that teach me every day what it mean to be a Torah Jew , growing in Yeras Shamayim. Yesterday just after Adira A”H moved to the Olam Hames Three Non Frum Classmate came to School and asked what can they do , I told them based on RaV Cohens teachings (Rav Millers) to send Adira some packages by accepting on themselves to do some Mitzvah in her Zechus. To YeHuda I got to know since you married Adira A”H , your Bitachon is lesson to all of us . Adira You lived a life of a true BAs Yisroel Please Beg Hashem That All Tzroes of Klal Yisroel should end, and your Parents, Husband and Baby get thru this.

  7. According to the Facebook group: L’illuy Nishmas Adira Chana bas Shais a”h

    the baby girl was named

    Rachel Adira Chana bas Adira Chana

    She was named after her mother, A”H, with the name Rachel, in front.

    May she grow up to be a credit and a Nachas to her mother in Shomayim.

  8. The baby girl was named.

    Please daven for

    Rachel Adira Chana bas Adira Chana

    She was named for her mother, with the name Rachel in front.


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