Mrs. Naomi Kunda a”h

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candle-small5[Updated: Levaya info below.] Thursday, 11:02 p.m.: It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mrs. Naomi Kunda a”h, wife of Rabbi Shmuel Kunda. Mrs. Kunda had been battling an illness and passed away a short while ago.

Mrs. Kunda was a remarkable women, who possessed super human strength and phenomenal bitachon. She demonstrated remarkable emunah and courage during her recent battle with illness, shielding her close family from the suffering she experienced.

Mrs. Kunda and her husband, ybl”c Rav Shmuel, together built a beautiful family of bnei and bnos Torah. Rav Shmuel, who now resides in Lakewood, NJ, is a world renowned mechanech, who over the years released books and tapes that inspired both children and adults around the world. A man of truly unparalled talent, Rav Shmuel has been a trailblazer in his field. His works have never been duplicated and they continue to inspire and uplift countless people to this day. Mrs. Kunda was an integral partner of Rav Shmuel’s work, serving as the consummate eizer kenegdo to her husband.

Mrs. Kunda will be sorely missed by the many people whose hearts she touched and who she inspired by the way she lived, her unwavering emunah, and the manner in which she responded to nisyonos during her life.

Mrs. Kunda is survived by her husband, Rav Shmuel, as well as children and grandchildren who follow in her ways.

Levaya information will be posted when it becomes available.

Yehi zichrah boruch.

Update, 7:14 a.m.: The levaya will be held this morning at the Seventh Street Holocaust Memorial Chapel of Congregation Sons of Israel in Lakewood at 10 a.m.

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  1. BDE Such an amazing person….she gave my family so much support while we were in leisure Chateau the past few month.. She was a true Tzadekis!! Her whole mishpaca should be zoche to have had her around..

  2. Does anyone have details of date and time for the kevurah to be held in Yerushalayim? If so, please post. Thank you.

    May Hashem be menachem those in mourning for such a fine woman and may we hear only news of simchas in the month of Adar.

  3. I grew up and went to school with Naomi Cohen Kunda in Detroit. She was a sweet, kind and gentle girl who always had an engaging smile on her lips and a ready hand to lend to anyone who needed help. I saw her on and off over the years and she remained a thoughtful and considerate person. She never complained and always gave the impression that her life was near perfect. I saw her several weeks ago at Leisure Chateau where her husband Shmuel Y’LC is staying, and though she must have been under terrible pressure and discomfort she was still smiling and greeting each visitor with a warm wellcome and thanks for having come.

    May Hashem comfort her family.

  4. i called Naomi kunda a’h about purchasing tapes that her husband had made, she offered me a discounted price and welcomed me to her home where she greeted me very warmly and sold the tapes well below cost.These tapes from shmuelkunda are unlike anything out there, they are filled with happiness, adventure, humour and yiddishkeit nothing comes close, apparently tehillim needs to be said for shmuel ben itta too.In the zchus of the tremendous happines he has brought people with his creative talent may he be zoche to lead a long and healthy life…


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