Mrs. Malka Rosenbaum a”h


candle-small3[Levaya and shivah info below.] It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mrs. Malka Rosenbaum a”h, formerly of Atlanta, at the age of 62 following an illness.

Mrs. Rosenbaum and her husband, ybl”c, Rabbi Kalman Rosenbaum served as Head of School at Torah Day School of Atlanta (TDSA) for many years until moving to Eretz Yisroel just one month ago.

This past Sunday, June 6, the school held its 25th Annual Dinner of Honor and actually paid tribute to Rabbi and Mrs. Rosenbaum upon their retirement and move to Israel. Just two days later, yesterday, Mrs. Rosenbaum passed away.

Several months ago, the school approached Rabbi Rosenbaum about honoring him and Mrs. Rosenbaum at the dinner. At that time, Mrs. Rosenbaum was ill and Rabbi Rosenbaum did not know if they would even be able to attend the event. In addition, Rabbi Rosenbaum, in his signature humble manner, said that the school is in reality the entire staff who need to be recognized for all that they do to make TDSA the wonderful place that it is.

Rabbi and Mrs. Rosenbaum left for Israel but wrote the following message for the ad journal:

“Sixteen memorable years have passed since Malka and I first came to Torah Day School of Atlanta. Along with TDSA, we, too, have thrived in our school community of teachers and parents who have consistently sought and set high standards of excellence for the education of our children. As I approach the end of my tenure, I look back with enormous satisfaction on all that I have personally gained from my association with our school.

“Rabbi Shamshon Raphael Hirsch noted the following in his classic commentary on the siddur. During the chazzan’s repetition of Shemoneh Esrei, the congregation responds amein to each bracha. That is, with the exception of the bracha of Modim, a bracha of thanksgiving, during which all join together with the chazzan. Rav Hirsch explained that when expressing thankfulness, it is most appropriate to fully articulate one’s feelings. Only responding amein at the end of that bracha is not enough to convey one’s sentiments of thankfulness.

“I, too, find it necessary to express my profound feelings of gratitude to the many wonderful people who form the TDSA family. It has been a great honor to be a part of Torah Day School of Atlanta and it will be a continued source of happiness for Malka and me forever. May Hashem continue to bless the work of all of our hands with success. Thank you so very much.”

While the TDSA family and many other Yidden davened for a refuah for Mrs. Rosenbaum, Malka Yaakova bas Raizel, her pure neshama was taken yesterday in Yerushalayim, where the levaya will be held this afternoon.

Yehi zichro boruch.

Update: The levaya will take place in Yerushalayim at Shamgar at 1 p.m. Shivah will take place in Kiryat Mattesdorf, Yerushalayim, at 11 Rechov Ponim Meiros, 2 flights down, in the home of Mishpachas Rosenbaum.

 {Dovid Newscenter}


  1. It is difficult have my leaders leave me. As I learned with the early deaths of my parents, we become their legacy. Mrs. Rosenbaum A”H” was the model of perfection as she prepared her home for Shabbos and Yontiff for her husband (and their guests); he always responded with a delicateness, gentleness and a deep appreciation.

  2. I did not know her well but we were put in touch when my family was in crisis and my father had no money to keep the lights on, the food on the table, and the car in the garage during is life-threatening illness. She gratefully made sure that we would be complete set for an entire month’s worth of bills while my dad was in the hospital in a coma. She is a very special women and she helped my family so so so so much without evening knowing who we were personally. She will be missed.


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