Mrs. Miriam Tzimmel Friedman a”h, Mother of Avraham Fried

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It is with great sadness that reports the passing of Mrs. Miriam Tzimmel Friedman a”h, longtime Crown Heights resident and a matriarch of an illustrious family. She was 101 years old.

Mrs. Friedman was the wife of Reb Yaakov Moshe Friedman, who during World War II escaped from Poland to Russia. As a young bochur, he worked a double shift in a Siberian labor camp to spare his father from working on Shabbos.

With the start of World War II, Reb Yaakov Moshe wandered until finally reaching Tashkent, where he met Lubavitcher Chassidim. There he married his wife Miriam Tzimel, a descendent of the Baal Shem Tov.

Mrs. Friedman’s father was Rav Yosef Boruch Reichwerger, rov of Kharkov, Lublin, and a noted posek. Many rabbonim referred questions of agunos to him after World War II, when this issue had particular relevance.

Mrs. Friedman is survived by her children, Mrs. Faige Kranz-Green (Boca Raton, FL), Rabbi Manis Friedman (S. Paul, MN), Mrs. Ita Marcus (California), Rabbi Benzion Friedman (Overland Park, KS), Rabbi Eliyahu Friedman (Tzfat, Israel), Rabbi Mordechai Shlomo (Crown Heights), Rabbi Yosi Friedman (Crown Heights), and Reb Avremel Friedman (Avraham Fried) (Crown Heights).

The levaya will take place tomorrow.

Yehi zichroh boruch.

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  1. Avremel

    With sadness do I read this post,
    Your Mom lived 30+ years shepping nachas from you as you made the world a happier place through your singing.
    May your Mom bring those songs of yearning for Moshiach before the Holy Throne and demand the ultimate and complete redemption through Moshiach Tzidkainu.

  2. ת.נ.צ.ב.ה

    למרות הלחצים העצומים של עסקנים עצרת הגיוס בברוקלין תתקיים כמתוכנן בס”ד. מי לד’ אלי! גם שמעתי שהגר”ד סולוביצ’יק שליט”א מטלפן לגדולי ישראל בארה”ב לשכנעם ללכת לעצרת נגד הגיוס. כעת כולם כבר מודים שיש גזירת גיוס השמד בפעול ממש, ועוד איך….

    ולגבי ההשתפפות בעצרת הענק זה כבר ענין אחר, זה תלוי מי שבכוחו לעומד נגד הטרור המופעל עליו מהמשכילים מבני ברק, ומי אינו יכול לעמוד בזה, בדיוק בארץ ישראל, שציבור ענק מהבני ברקים הוא ‘אנוס על פי הדיבור’, ובתוך תוכו יודע היטב שהפלג הירושלמי דובר אמת, ולד’ הישועה בקרוב ממש ומי לד’ אלי!!!!!

  3. this is an announcement of someone’s petira. what’s the shaychus of anonymous’s comment regarding the azeres? It is most insensitive to publish it in a place that you would expect sympathy and respect.

  4. ברוך דיין האמת. May you only know of simcha from here on & no more tza’ar. May she be a malitza yosher for your family & for the entire Klal Yisrael !!

  5. Can someone provide the background of Friedman vs Fried for the singers last name? And why singer Benny is able to go by Friedman? Tks

    • when Avraham fried started singing and put out his first tape he did not want his friends to know it was him
      so he wrote fried and not Friedman.

  6. I understand the frustration of the anonymous comment regarding the azeres held yesterday in NYC where between 16,000 & 17,000 Shomerei Torah and Mitzvos attended a rally protesting the drafting of Yeshiva boys to the army. He was trying I assume to get a message to the so called ‘Torahig’ sites that it is more important to report on the petirah of Mrs. Fried than on such an important event where so many frummer yiden came together to protest and cry out at the current situation in E.Y where the future of Torah learning is in danger and for some political reason these sites felt it is not important to report on this event. It is very surprising since one of the senior Rosh Hayeshiva and a leading member of the MGHT of Agudas Yisroel Reb Aahron Schechter R’H of RCB took the time & effort to attend the azeres and to address it. It is unbelievable the amount of pressure that individuals from both here and Bnei Brak placed on Leading Rosh Hayeshiva and Admorim here in the USA that they should not attend this azeres. What are these ‘individuals’ trying to hide what are they sacred of? they are sacred that people will find out the truth.


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