Mrs. Park Grateful and Touched By Letter of Sensitivity

>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< Exclusive: As reported here on, Mrs. Miriam Pearlmutter, who lives in the same neighborhood as Mrs. Margaret Park, the mother of slain Officer Peggy Park, was upset to hear that Mrs. Park had received some harassment from some frum people. Mrs. Pearlmutter wrote a letter to Mrs. Park after speaking to her on the phone and sensing that she seemed amenable to the idea.

Mrs. Pearlmutter also asked readers here on for the names of any Jews who wished for their signature to be included.

Mrs. Pearlmutter went to visit with Mrs. Park this afternoon and she was very grateful. After she read the letter, she started crying and asked Mrs. Pearlmutter how she can ever thank the Jewish people who signed the letter, because there are no addresses or phone numbers. She asked Mrs. Pearlmutter to thank them for her if she ever sees or speaks to them.

 In Mrs. Pearlmutter’s own words:

“She welcomed me into her home and sat with me on the couch and read and re-read the letter. We talked about many things: about the execution, about the harassing phone calls, about her daughter and how she died. I had read that her daughter Peggy loved wolves  and so, in addition to the letter, I went to a little Hallmark store and picked up a little wolf-like figurine for a gift. She liked it quite a bit. Mostly she kept reading and re-reading the letter and looking at all the signatures. She particularly noted the rabbis who signed. 

“Mrs. Park said that she has Jewish neighbors and a Jewish doctor and she knows that most Jewish people are not like the ones who called her. With regard to the phone-calls, she said it was the invasiveness and magnitude that upset her and her family. She has a son who lives nearby and a daughter who lives out of state. The daughter has a large family and they could not pick up their phones at all because of the incessant calls. Apparently, the individuals organizing the phone calls somehow got hold of the family’s cell phone numbers and started calling the grandchildren as well, at school and at home. Mrs. Park’s minister was also called and some harsh words were spoken to him as well. There are a few other details on this point that I am keeping private because I don’t think she meant to have particular names and situations publicized.

“She said that a big deal was made out of Martin’s religion and that should not have been a factor.  I got the impression that the phone calls that she personally received at her home were mostly about the death penalty and religion, but I did not press on her the details. She repeated ‘it was very bad’ a few times and said that the worst part was that all the phone calls had caused her to ‘lose trust in people.’

“After she read the letter, she started crying and asking me how she can ever thank these Jewish people who signed the letter because there were no addresses or numbers. She asked me to thank them for her if I ever see them.

“She showed me pictures of her grandchildren and I showed her pictures of my kids. We talked about Peggy for a little bit and her other children and their families. Mrs. Park has a very cute puppy and I ended up promising I would bring my kids over to play once the weather got a little better.”

The text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Mrs. Park,

I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and others in the Jewish community to express our apologies for the way you and your family have been treated over the past few weeks.

From what we understand, you have received harassing messages and phonecalls and for that we are truly sorry. That was the reprehensible behavior of a few misguided and confused individuals and we assure you that their conduct does not reflect the general mindset of the Jewish community as a whole. Judaism, as a religion, places great emphasis on personal responsibility and consequences and we do not believe that any individual should escape the consequences of his actions simply because of his religious affiliations.

I have read quite a bit about your daughter over the last month and it seems that she was a beautiful person with a kind heart. We are all so sorry for your loss and for the ordeals which your family has gone through over the last 25 years. We hope that now your family can finally find some measure of peace and comfort. Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for any comments or actions that added to your sorrow.



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  1. Thank you Miriam Perlmutter for writing this letter and for the visit. it was unbelievable how this guy got a tzadiks funeral.

  2. It’s extremely upsetting to read about the harrasment that Mrs. Park has gone through and an apology was definitely in order. However after all that is now known about Mrs. Pearlmutter and Matzav is still giving such attention to her (admirable, in this case) activities, something is fishy about the matzav at Matzav.

  3. It was Park’s son’s peasant minister that insisted she support killing Grossman.

    This minister is the same as we constantly read and hear about from Czarist Russia, Ukraine and Poland that wanted Jewish blood more than all else.

  4. Thanks Mrs. Pearlmutter. To a significant degree you removed a kitrug from Klal Yisroel (although anyone who engaged in such despicable behavior still has a kitrug on them personally, they should do teshuvoh bikorov), ligabei this prat (although there still needs to be work on other protim and inyonim).

    Just like your namesake Miriam in the Torah, who saw problems in mitzrayim and took decisive action for hatzolas Yisroel, so too, you as well took decisive action when necessary.

    Thanks and tizki lemitzvos.

  5. Thank you Mrs. Perlmutter for making a kiddush Hashem and for giving me the opportunity to sign my name. (Curious – how many names did you get?)

  6. Thanks so so much mrs perlmutter, you thought of another human beings tsar without all the politics involved, and thats whats so commendable, how mrs parks handled the affair cannot in any way be open for scrutiny, anybody who looses a child would have acted the way she did, how dare anybody judge her on this? any normal human being facing their childs killer regardless whether that killer was sane or insane, with an iq of 40, you would want to see them recieve what is coming to him, now just one aspect of that letter has to be discussed, and that is the killer being assumed to be a viscous brutal human being well this is futile in my view, because neither is mrs parks or any of us who questioned Grossmans intentions intrested in this discussion anymore, martins not coming back, and its the issue anymore, what is the issue is the harassment of this poor innocent woman, who just wanted her daughters killer sorted and no she cannot be blamed for this, and to harass her is so low and against haluchu, the chilul Hashem is worse then can be imagine to harass the children and grandchildren sick how low could someone go this is called behaving like an animal all we were asked ay the gedolim here was to try to delay Grossmans punishment because many pieces of evidence seemed to have been ignored well this was an issue with the goverment and not the parks family rabunim should clarify this its so important to stop these torah profaners

  7. B’h…I honestly was horrified by the whole story and the cold way many people dismissed her death,but I doubt the evil ones behind it care.

  8. Kol Hakavod to Mrs. Perlmutter. This is definitely a mitzvah and I thank her for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. May you keep doing mitzvos and being Mekadesh Shem shomayim.

  9. Why is that pertinent? Nobody is perfect. The fact is here she went ahead and did what is right. She righted a wrong and made a Kiddush Hashem. One thing leads to another. Migalgelin zchus al yeday zackay.

  10. the original post had 90% of comments yelling at mrs perlmauter for writing the letter. now almost all the comments are in her favor. Is matzav paying a game with the comments it accepts? i just dont get it. why bad before and good now.

  11. Thank you, Matzav for printing her letter and giving us the opportunity to right the wrong that was done, and to turn a chillul hashem into a kiddush hashem. Tizku L’Mitzvos!

  12. the callers were probably radical liberal ( Jews?) who violently push their point of view like the PETA criminals who destroyed people

  13. Dear Mrs. Parks,
    I supported those who wished to prevent Mr grossman from recieving the death penalty as I did not wish for a man to die. However I had very mixed emotions very while doing so due to the fact that I knew that this man did a horrible act. The atrocity of his actions is beyond my few simple words in this letter. I am very sorry about the loss of your beutiful daughter, a person that nothing can replace.
    Additionally, on behalf of the jewsih people, I would like to appologize for the phone calls made by a couple misinformed, and most probably stupid individuals.
    May you and your family know of no more sorrow.

  14. Although I distributed 1000 flyers on behalf of Martin and was articulately passionate about his case,be it from the Torah viewpoint,or from the legal viewpoint on the State of Florida’s own terms,passionate about following the venerated and saintly Torah leaders who implored us to do what we can on his behalf and and very irritated on the thoughtless comments of a plethora of unauthorized individuals who were judgmental of him and the various individuals on all levels who have done on his behalf and although I am still writhing in pain over the Governor’s decision, I do understand, nonetheless how the Parks family feel.I commiserate and even respect their sentiments and recall Betsy (Park)Clark’s comment on the harassing phone calls as “reprehensible”.I couldn’t agree with that more.

    May G-d comfort us all and give us the ability to go on with our lives.

  15. #9,
    although I am pained about Martin’s outcome(and his history),in no way can I say that we failed.We have been unprecedentedly unified and our appreciation to save a life and our acknowledgment of belief that no matter where a Jew is holding that there is still hope for him has come out to shine in pristine glory.As diversified as we may be,when a Jew is in trouble,we are there to help.


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