Mrs. Roz Pomerantz a”h

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It is with great sadness that reports the passing of Mrs. Roz Pomerantz a”h. She was about 90 years old.

Mrs. Pomerantz served as a secretary for five decades at Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn, welcoming generations of talmidim into the yeshiva and serving as the face of the yeshiva in many ways. She was legendary in her kindness and sensitivity, as well as her creativity and selflessness.

Even after she retired and moved from Brooklyn, NY to Miami, Florida to live with her daughter, Mrs. Pomerantz continued to do work for her beloved yeshiva, making phone calls for Chinese auctions, collecting prizes for Chanukah chagigahs, and offering her time to do whatever she could to assist.

For 49 years, Mrs. Pomerantz’s duties as a secretary were more than just saying, “Hello, Yeshiva,” when the phone rang. It was an undertaking lesheim Shomayim to ensure the smooth running of a large makom Torah and that each and every talmid had what they needed.

She began her time at Torah Temimah as a substitute secretary, and that morphed into a career of supporting the rosh hayeshiva, staff, hanhalah, rabbeim, parents and students of the renowned yeshiva.

Mrs. Pomerantz was renowned for her literary ability, writing the most gorgeous missives and poems with ease, conveying messages and emotions with her mastery of prose.

Mrs. Pomerantz will be sorely missed by every talmid who crossed the portals of Torah Temimah for some 50 years, and by anyone who came in contact with her, experiencing the total goodness that was Roz Pomerantz.

Mrs. Pomerantz was a queen in so many ways, and today, her “subjects,” all those who were inspired by her, mourn her passing.

She was predeceased by her husband, Rabbi Aaron Pomerantz, who served as a rabbi in Flatbush. She is survived by her one daughter, Suri Levy, of Florida.

In truth, though, Mrs. Pomerantz leaves behind many “sons” and “grandsons,” boys and bochurim of Torah Temimah who loved her and admired her, viewing her as a motherly figure, a bubby who cared so genuinely about their welfare.

Updated: There will be a brief levayah Monday morning, at 9 a.m., at Yeshiva Torah Temimah, located at 555 Ocean Parkway, in Brooklyn, NY. The aron will depart at 9:30 a.m. sharp, to be flown to Eretz Yisroel for kevurah there on Har Hamenuchos in Yerushalayim, where additional hespeidim will be delivered.

Yehi zichrah boruch.



  1. She was truly everyone’s bubby. Every parent, every rebbi, every talmid just felt her warmth and genuine caring. I too was a talmid there and left many years ago but her smile and friendly welcome is one if the things that made Torah Temimah special.

  2. Boruch Dayan Emes.
    I remember Mrs. Pomerantz and Rosalee from the early 1970’s at 150 Ocean Parkway. They were always nice and always had a smile for the young kids there. Walk in the main entrance, pass Rabbi Margulies’s office on the right, the pay phone with its 5, 10 and 25 cent slots on the left, and there was the main office, on the right, with mimeograph machines and all. Time flies, details are forgotten, but the memory of who was nice to you remains. Yehi zichra boruch.

  3. She was a really nice person. Only knew her for short while, but you knew she cared when you spoke to her. Yehi zi hrah boruch

  4. I really have such fond memories of this special woman. The way she cared about us boys, the way she took care of us when we were not feeling well, her cheerful greetings calling out to each of us by name. She was a fixture in YTT for all of the 15 years I spent at the Yeshiva. She was so proud of our accomplishments and milestones as we grew up. And she let us know that. I can still see the picture of her with her reading glasses clacking away on her typewriter (remember those?), running off stencils (remember those too?) and being the loyal, happy face of the office all the time. She lived ya and we loved her too. May the zechus of caring for so many tinokos shel beis rabban stay with her.

  5. Another Torah Temima alumni of over thirty-five years ago sharing his sorrow at her loss and his memories of her.

    She was a wonderful, wonderful person. The only Yeshiva secretary I still remember at all. But not only do I remember her, to put it this way. Over forty years when I was in Torah Temimah preschool a popular JEP song (remember them?) had two lines which went as follows:

    The money may last for a while
    But I’ll always remember your smile…

    That (inadequately) describes my memories of Mrs. Pomrantz A’H

    May her memory be a blessing and an inspiration to all school secretaries everywhere

  6. I was at her levaya and a rebbi at the school shared with me that even this past year, at age 90 and nearly five years into her retirement, from Florida, she took to the phones and raised huge funds and toys for the famed Temimah Chanuka Chagiga and again to raise many thousands of dollars for their, again famed, Ma’os Chittim fundraiser. What a gem of a person.
    יהי זכרה ברוך

  7. Mrs. Pomerantz was the sweetest of the sweet…as a zaftigeh young bochur’l in Yeshiva Torah Temimah elementary school in the 1980’s, I was prone to splitting my trousers during our over-energized horseplay during recess..I can’t count how many times through those years when I found myself cowering in my unterhoisen in a walk-in closet in the back of the yeshiva office – terrified that someone would walk in and see me in my gatchkes – while Mrs. Pomerantz tenderly and expertly sewed my pants at her desk. She always warmed my day with her smile and calming demeanor, especially at times when I was kicked out of class for some shenanigan! May her heiligeh neshama have an aliyah in gan eden and may her family have nechama


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