MSNBC: Bush’s Book Is Popular Because He Was So Hated


bushBy Noel Sheppard

Would you buy someone’s memoir all because you hated the person? That’s the reason a Salon political¬†writer gave MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell Friday for why George W. Bush’s book is selling better than Bill Clinton’s.

NORAH O’DONNELL: And one had the highest ever approval rating for a President, leaving the White House, 66 percent. The other, one of the lowest at 22 percent. So, you would imagine or you might imagine that the popular Bill Clinton’s presidential memoir would far outsell the one written by the very unpopular, unpopular George W. Bush. Well, guess what? In the two months, in just two months President Bush’s “Decision Points” memoir has sold almost as many copies as President Clinton’s “My Life” sold in two years. Alex Pareene is political writer for Salon, and he’s going to tell us why. Alex, so why is that? Why has George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points” sold so well?

ALEX PAREENE, SALON: Well, obviously we can’t say for sure because we don’t know why those two million people have bought it. But, there are, I’ve speculated a couple reasons. It may be the fact that he was hated by so many people actually helped fuel his book sales because people wanted to hear him actually justify himself and explain some of his decisions that he made. And, you know, there are, I mean, you can imagine that some people bought it as a gag or some people got it, received it as a gift and didn’t really want it. And also the fact is like there are Kindle copies now, there are ebooks that are much more popular and not that’s a much cheaper way to buy a book. But my favorite speculative reason is that it’s just half as long as Bill Clinton’s book. Bill Clinton’s book is like 1,000 pages long and George W Bush got his presidency done in 500 pages and then he’s out.

O’DONNELL: Alex, I, that is brilliant. I think that’s actually probably one of the main, that’s probably one of the main reasons. It’s only half as long. That’s fantastic. But what about sort of the ereader phenomenon? I mean, actually, that makes it much easier to purchase a book rather than, than, you know, having to go to a book store.

PAREENE: Oh, yeah, it’s much easier now. You can just go on Amazon and for like ten bucks, you know, you can get it right on your Kindle right away or on your iPad or what have you. And yeah, having to actually go out to the Barnes & Noble to pick up Bill Clinton’s book was probably a lot of work a couple years ago.

O’DONNELL: Alright, Alex Pareene, it’s a fun read. Thanks so much, we appreciate it.

PAREENE: Alright, thanks for having me.

So, Bush’s book is popular because:

1.He’s hated
2.People bought it as a gag
3.People received it as a gift they didn’t want
4.Books are cheaper now
5.It’s shorter than Clinton’s
It takes an amazing amount of rationalizations to be a liberal these days, doesn’t it?

Consider that “My Life” was first published in June 2004. Do O’Donnell and Pareene think Amazon wasn’t around then?

And what about now?

Those interested could buy Clinton’s book at Amazon for as little as $2.45 in hardcover and $1.60 in paperback.

By contrast, the cheapest “Decision Points” is available for is $6.51.

I guess it never dawned on either of these geniuses to compare current prices before floating absurd explanations.

That must be too much like journalism for them.



  1. I bought it becasue i think he was the worst president in recent history, as such I was curious to understand how it is he came to destory our country so thoroughly in a mere 8 years

  2. Yankel, Why do you feel talk trash about bush just because the goyish media told you that that its the poular thing to do. Take a look at ou president now and think what would eretz yisroel look like today if someone like him and not Bush woul have been president

  3. He was certainly unpopular – that’s what the polls prove. Popularity is not necessarily a marker of whether someone is doing a good or bad job. Some decisions are unpopular, but are the right ones to make.

    That being said, it’s fair to say that he sold many copies because he was at the head of many controversial and tough decisions. People who disagree (and even hate) President Bush bought his memoir to better understand what went on.

  4. Yankel, do you like Obama now? all he’s doing is destroying America and the world.Bush was a great president. Obama’s propaganda must have brainwashed you and all the other unfortunate. Hashem should show the right way b’karov.

  5. media hated him. there is a few books about him media hated him because he was a good president .obama there is a lot of books about him media loves him also the arabs

  6. Although 66% approved of Bill Clinton only a small fraction of that number were literate; hence the low number of his fans who can use a book. Conversely, the 22% of Americans who approve of George Bush aere the more intelligent folk; hence the large number of book buyers. ???”?

  7. He was much better for Yidden than the fella who now holds the position! Do you remember how the media ridiculed and riled him for his lavish inauguration party! Obama spends more than that every hour! #11 you are RIGHT!

  8. Bush was possibly the worst president ever! Even if one does not want to argue that point, what occurred on “his watch” was the downfall of America in so many ways.

    Now that Obama (a symptom of the Bush/Cheney years) is in office and clueless, and things are getting worse, Bush comes around with a book (someone had to write for him) to whitewash his presidency? He and his family must have sat around a long time thinking up excuses. The Bushes are an incompetent, but proud family.

    For the record, I do not see how he was good for the Jews. He used Israel to bomb Syria in a stealth mission and when Israel asked for backup to do the same to Iran (before Iran’s nukes became a world-wide issue), Bush said, “No!” Bush also had the “genius” to initiate the meetings in Maryland to, chas v’shalom, divide Jerusalem; a very dangerous thing which encouraged arabs to murder. The Bush administration also told us to stop calling in about Jonathan Pollard’s pardoning while Bush pardoned real, low-life criminals. When Bush stated he will support Democracy and sent troops to Iraq, and threatened Russia to send troops to Georgia, it makes you wonder why he never sent troops to protect America’s greatest, most cooperative and good-natured ally, Israel. Heaven knows Israeli citizens could use SOMEONE to back them up with a show of strength. Also, with Bush, as with Obama..America’s terrorists must be hunted down, but Israel’s terrorists have to be given a chance to be good so they can get some land from a sovereign country. BOTH presidents STINK!!!!


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