MSNBC Guest: Nikki Haley an ‘Alpha-Karen’ Using Her ‘Brown Skin’ to ‘Launder’ White Supremacy

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Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is an “alpha-Karen with brown skin,” according to left-wing columnist Wajahat Ali, who accused the former U.N. ambassador of using her skin “as a weapon against poor black folks and poor brown folks” as well as a means to “launder white supremacist talking points,” Breitbart reports.

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Mehdi Hasan Show on Sunday night, Ali roughly quoted the late anthropologist and author Zora Neale Hurston as saying, “Not all skinfolk are kinfolk,” while declaring Haley “the Dinesh D’Souza of Candace Owens.”

“She’s the alpha-Karen with brown skin,” he continued. “And for white supremacists and racists, she’s the perfect Manchurian candidate.”

The Daily Beast contributor then expressed his “disgust” for Haley’s positions given her background.

“Instead of applauding her, I am just disgusted by people like Nikki Haley who know better, whose parents were the beneficiaries … of the 1965 Immigration Nationality Act, which passed thanks to those original BLM protesters and the Civil Rights Act,” he said.

Noting that her father traveled to the U.S. “because he was a professor [and] taught at a historically black college in South Carolina,” Ali asserted, “that’s how she became the proud American that she is.”

However, he continued, “like all these model minorities — which by the way is a strategy of white supremacy to use Asians in particular as a cudgel against black folks — instead of pulling us up from the bootstraps and pulling others [up by their] bootstraps, we’re taught to take your boot and put it on the neck of poor browns, immigrants, refugees, and black folks.”

“And that’s what she did in her ad,” he added in reference to her presidential campaign launch ad published last week.

Ali further explained that he feels “sad” when he sees Haley “because she uses her brown skin as a weapon against poor black folks and poor brown folks, and she uses her brown skin to launder white supremacist talking points.”

“And the reason I feel sad [is] because no matter what she does … it will never be enough, [the right will] never love her,” he alleged.

Nile Gardiner, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, described the dialogue as “one of the nastiest, most racist interviews in recent American history.”

“Liberals think it is acceptable to launch racist attacks against conservatives such as @NikkiHaley,” he wrote. “It isn’t, and reflects a hate-filled mindset.”

Haley, who served as governor of South Carolina before heading to the U.N. under the Trump administration, claimed in November the GOP is “making history” by fielding minority candidates, who “like all Americans,” desire a robust economy, first-rate education, secure borders, and safe streets.


  1. Woke libtards that have no clue about the civil rights era. Reality is that lbj took a republican bill, which he blocked as senate leader, watered it down to become the hero for illiterate idiots.

  2. The left rents a mass indifference. The quick move to racist motives for each and every republican that brought them emancipation is sick.

    This is duck pandering to golden prank. Dinner can not be served.

  3. Seriously.Woke or joke
    Nearly all black and brown democrat candidates are Manchurian candidates for the lily white and Jewish hard left woke oligarchs


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