MSNBC Host Suggests Black RNC Speakers Were Only Pretending To Be Black

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An MSNBC guest-host turned heads on Sunday when she labeled the Republican National Convention, which featured several Black speakers, a “modern-day minstrel show.”

Subbing in for Joy Reid on her Sunday show “AM Reid,” Tiffany D Cross dedicated a portion of her show to commenting on this past week’s RNC.

“That was not a Saturday Night Live sketch,” Cross said to start off her piece. After noting that the RNC hosted at least a dozen African American speakers alone, she went on to say “I watched the Republican convention, and seeing the slew of black speakers that they had, it really did look like a modern-day minstrel show to me.”

As “Newsbusters” contributing editor Mark Finkelstein noted, Cross effectively labeled Sen. Tim Scott and football great Herschel Walker – among others – as “minstrels,” which would almost imply that they were merely pretending to be African American.

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