MTA Fare Hike Goes Into Effect Sunday – Bridge And Tunnel Tolls Increase, Too

>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< reports: Both straphangers and motorists will dole out more at the farebox and toll both when the latest MTA hikes go into effect this Sunday, March 19.

MetroCard fares will increase for the 7-day (from $31 to $32) and 30-day (from $116.50 to $121) Unlimited Ride MetroCards, but one-way base fares will stay at $2.75 with a 5 percent cost-break for each round trip — making the effective fare with the bonus $2.62 per ride.

The fare hike, which the MTA says is the lowest proposed two-year increase since 2009, was approved by the MTA board in January.

Just over half of the MTA’s $15.6 billion annual operating budget comes from fares and tolls, but that could be threatened by the drop in ridership in 2016, the first drop reported in seven years.

See the chart below for the impending fare breakdown:

(Source: MTA)

The 7-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard, which is heavily used by lower-income and frequent riders, says the MTA board.

Southern Brooklyn: What to expect on the bridges and tunnels

  • The E-ZPass toll at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which is only paid when crossing from Brooklyn to Staten Island, will increase by 44 cents to $11.52, and the cash toll will increase by $1 to $17.
  • The E-ZPass toll at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel and the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, for instance, will rise by 22 cents to $5.76. See more updated fare information here.
  • In the chart below, the first row of fares represents the current rate, and the second represents the new rate starting March 19.
(Source: MTA)

The toll to cross the bridge on the bridge’s opening day in 1964 was 50 cents (which would be around $3.84 today).



  1. Don’t ever let the politicians say they care about the middle class. Pathetic! $17 to cross a bridge!! The politicians in Trenton are busy passing a regulation requiring The President to release tax returns. Now that’s why we send them to Trenton! Crazy world

  2. this is collusion and highway robbery. Thieves of the highest caliber. Politicians colluding with mta and the unions for an unjustified raise. I don’t see where their money goes other than for lining the pockets of the mta. Service sucks, prices go up way faster than inflation, traffic is slow as usual.

  3. Don’t we have any say in the matter? Why are they legally allowed to rob us little people? What improvements are we receiving in order to justify this raise in their salaries & pension plans?

  4. WOW! New York really knows how to soak its residents and visitors. What a rip-off.
    Hey, New Yawkers, keep voting for them DemocRATS!!! Idiots!


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