MTA Getting 500 Additional Officers To Fight Fare Evasion, Worker Assaults

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan Monday to deploy 500 additional law enforcement officers across New York City’s subway and bus system.

The deployment will consist of 200 redeployed MTA officers, 200 additional NYPD officers and 100 redeployed Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority officers.

The goal, said Cuomo, is to “improve safety overall” across the transit system, while specifically targeting fare evasion and assaults on MTA workers.

Read more at ABC News.




  1. With the fare they can’t stop hiking, these people that can’t afford the steep price hike, they should get it for free! Only you bum politicians and money hungry MTA get to rob everyone? Hate competition? I bet they get it for free without having to be ashamed when jumping over the turnstile.


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