MTA President To New York: We’re Sorry For Our Terrible Service

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The MTA’s president on Wednesday offered riders an apology for the shoddy state of the city’s transit system, the NEW YORK POST reports. “We’re not happy with the service. And we do owe the public an apology,” MTA president Pat Foye said during a state budget hearing in Albany.

The long-awaited mea culpa came under grilling from Sen. James Skoufis, who heads the Senate Investigations Commission. “The MTA is the dirtiest, least reliable, slowest and most expensive transit system in the world,” Skoufis railed, adding that transit officials in Japan apologize to riders if a train leaves 25 second early and asking if the MTA plans to do the same.

“Does the MTA owe the riders an apology?” Skoufis asked Foye. “It’s improved in certain ways” but has a ways to go, Foye responded — later offering an actual apology to the public for the state of the system. “The short answer is absolutely yes,” he said. “Of course, the service is not acceptable. It’s improving.” Read more at the NEW YORK POST.



  1. The MBA are thugs of the worst kind. If they really gave a damn about the PAYING riders, they would LOWER the cost for a train ride! Union corruption on top of corruption. Their illegal pensions are killing us. The Mayor and Governor don’t have the —-so to take responsibility for the mess and clean it up once and for all. They’re worried about LaGuardia airport because the rest of the Nation views it as 3rd world but the NYC transit system they couldn’t care less about. Taxpaying citizens time is worthless in their eyes. But yet they lecture us NOT to drive. An impossible situation.

    • Lowering the fares – not so urgent. Keep in mind that in most places around the world they charge between $10-15 per ride, so we have it pretty good here.

      You’re right about the unions. They managed to negotiate a deal where all of their construction workers get paid $110 per hour (!!!) an astronomical amount, which leaves very little left for other crucial projects.

      Solution: Get rid of the unions.
      Problem: We live in the liberal capital where stuff like that is immoral for some reason.

      Go figure…


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