Mubarak: ‘Not Egypt, nor any other Arab country would accept Israel as a Jewish state”

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mubarakEgyptian President Hosni Mubarak blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech on Sunday saying “Netanyahu’s demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state is ruining the chance for peace,” Egyptian news agencies reported today. Mubarak further added that “not Egypt, nor any other Arab country would support Netanyahu’s approach.” Earlier today, a Syrian government newspaper slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech, and likened Israel’s policies towards Palestinians to those of the Apartheid government in South Africa towards black people.Syria’s state-controlled Tishrin published an editorial claiming that the prime minister’s foreign policy address proved that Israel’s interest is to allow Palestinians to live only in isolated areas, similarly to black people in Apartheid South Africa.

“The Zionist government, according to Netanyahu’s speech last night, is willing to establish Palestinian cantons reminiscent of the black people’s cantons in South Africa when the racist regime was in power,” the editorial stated.

In his speech on Sunday evening, Netanyahu did not mention the Golan Heights, but said he wants to meet all Arab leaders and make peace, stressing that he is “willing to go to Damascus, to Riyadh, to Beirut, to any place,” for this purpose.

On Shabbos, President Barack Obama’s special Mideast envoy said that Syria has a key role to play in forging peace in the region, during a visit that marked the strongest US push yet to improve relations with the country.

Syria and the US share an obligation “to create conditions for negotiations to begin promptly and end successfully,” George Mitchell told reporters after a 90-minute meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the capital, Damascus.

Mitchell was the highest ranking official to visit Syria since 2005 when the US recalled its ambassador.

{JPost/Yair Israel}


  1. but Saudia Arabia’s ban on practising another religion which carries a death penalty! thats OK!!! That is not racist a Muslim country only

  2. It is a proven fact: THERE IS NO PEACE PARTNER. You got to have a partner that recognizes your existence before the issue of compromise, living together and security issues are even brought up.
    THANK YOU EGYPT for admitting the truth.

  3. If this is the case then there will be no peace for Obama said that Israel must be recognized as a state before piece could be achieve. Peace will not come until Moshiach comes.

  4. Right on avf. I concur 100%. I may or may not be for the Jews/Israel…but I won;t give a muslim an inch. Been there, done that and will not make that mistake again!

  5. When Saudi Arabia puts a synagogue and a cathedral very close the Kabah and the people who enter to worship in those buildings are not persecuted, then I will consider being tolerate of muslims


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