Mubarak Thanks Chacham Ovadiah for Refuah Sheleimah Message


rav-ovadiah-yosefEgyptian President Hosni Mubarak sent a warm thank you letter to Chacham Ovadia Yosef in response to the gadol‘s refuah sheleimah message sent two weeks ago in the wake of reports of Mubarak’s deteriorating health.

In the letter, addressed to “dear friend and great Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,” Mubarak commented on his health status as well as Israeli reports that he suffers from cancer and said he was in great shape and “fully recovered.”

The Egyptian leader had received Rav Yosef’s note during Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s recent visit to Cairo, according to Mubarak’s letter.

“I convey my appreciation and thank you dearly for the content, wishes and heartfelt emotions contained in your letter and wish to put your mind at ease: I am fully recovered and in the best condition – contrary to several reports in the Israeli press,” the letter noted.

“I look forward to cooperation on the promotion of the peace process, together with all those who believe in peace.”

Rav Yosef served as av bais din in Cairo and Egypt’s deputy chief rabbi between the years 1947 and 1950.

{Ynet/ Israel}


  1. Wow! In essence if he is fully recovered contrary to what all others are reporting then the only conclusion here is that the Rav cured him by writing a letter. I could use some help too (health and financially).


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