Mumps Outbreak in Monsey, Skver and Kiryas Yoel

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mumps-outbreakThe largest U.S. outbreak of the mumps in several years is taking its toll on New York. At least 152 people in the Rockland County towns of Monsey and New Square have been diagnosed with the highly infectious disease since the summer. Scores more people have fallen ill in the village of Kiryas Yoel in Orange County and hundreds are sick in Brooklyn.Investigators have traced the U.S. outbreak to a Jewish summer camp in Sullivan County, and a boy who unknowingly carried the illness over from England.

Most of the people now being afflicted are in the New York’s frum communities.

Mumps is spread by coughing and sneezing.

Common symptoms include fever, headache and swollen salivary glands, but it can sometimes lead to more serious problems.

{ Newscenter/WCBTV}


  1. Please remember that patient zero did not get immunized and because of that he got it and then it mutated a little more which allowed it to be caught by people who did get vaccinated!!!
    I sure hope no one dies, If so the parents of patient zero are rochazim. Bigger ? is can a parent of a parent of child who got sick claim hezek if they lost money since they could not go to work and the money for the doctor and medicine

  2. There are letters floating around Lakewood, signed by “Rabbis”not to immunize their children and to IGNORE the local and County Health dept.’s advice.Insane?????If you’d like I’ll post these letters

  3. to comment 1
    the problem with mumps, my dear is not death. its the potential sterilization of men!! thats why people are freaking out.

  4. My son got the mumps, as was diagnosed by his blood test which did not show a different strain, or mutated type. He was of course not only vaccinated, but boostered, as was every other child that I know of.

  5. please stop overreacting yes it is unfortunate somone spread this around but complications such as sterilization are very very rare and bf the vaccine came out many ppl got mumps and all went on to have children

  6. This is mainly caused by frum health freaks that come to our schools with signed and notarized documents showing they are seventh day adventists (catholics) and that their religion prohibits immunization shots. The City accepts this exemption.

    These people who are frum should be thrown out of school. Our schools only accept frum yiddish kids. If you are jerk enough to sign that you are a christian you don’t deserve to go to school with our kinderlech.

  7. 7, you may have a problem, but apparently a lot of the kids getting it were properly immunized. There must have been some weak batches.

  8. excuse me, number 7, but there is a family that I know of who has bli ayin hara ten children, the first five who were vaccinated, and the second five who were not. Guess which kids came down with the mumps? That’s right, the vaccinated ones. My pediatrician, who has no alternative bents, was honest when he heard about my son’s mumps – he said “just goes to show you that live vaccinations don’t work”. Last year it was the measles, and about five years ago it was the german measles. Maybe, just maybe, these vaccinations takeh don’t work?


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