Munkatcher Camp: $16,000 and Over 6000 Kapitlach Tehillim for Reb Sholom Mordechai


munkatch-for-rubashkinBy Shmuly Rubashkin

[Videos and photos below.] Following five days of non-stop work, in which they collected over $16,000 and over 6000 kapitlach Tehillim, the boys at the Munkatcher Camp in Kiameshe Lake, NY were finally ready to go into the dining hall for the dinner for the “Vaad Hatzalas Rubashkin, D’Yaldei Munkatch”. They entered the hall at 7:30pm and were seated at the beautifully set up tables.

Head Counselor Nosson Biller addressed the crowd and thanked the boys for their hard work on behalf of Sholom Mordech Halevi ben Rivkah.

He introduced one of the campers to share some of the feelings from the boys’ perspective.

He then introduced one of the lawyers heavily involved in Sholom’s legal team and a family friend – Yerachmiel Simins – who spoke over the phone and thanked the boys for their ahavas yisroel and devotion. “I have spoken in front of judges and juries, in front all different crowds, but none as important and impressive as the one here tonight,” he said.

Reb Avraham Aharon Rubashkin, my grandfather, also thanked the boys over the phone and expressed his wish to have been there and witness the beauty of the achdus of these yaldei Yisroel.

I then addressed the crowd, and shared some stories about my father whom these boys have never met and also told them a story of the Baal Shem Tov about the power of Tehillim (one of my father’s greatest passions and one of the types of pledges collected by the boys). I thanked the boys once again on behalf of my father and the family.

One of the askonim involved in the case and part of the team involved in the huge rallies in Boro Park, Monsey and Lakewood, explained to the boys how their actions have “put the efforts of the askonim in their pockets…the askonim now feel they have to work twice as hard!” He also shared with the “new askonim” some more details of the case. They were now “askonim” and deserved to hear more about the case they had taken on so closely.

The boys were all given certificates based on their rank. Each certificate had their rank, “sar hamai’ah, sar ha’shalosh maiah, sar ha’elef.” We then heard from one of the saarei elef.

We should all learn from the achdus and selflessness that these boys have shown us.

Click below for videos:

Video 1, Shmuly Rubashkin speaking:

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Video 2, Singing Ani Maamin:

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See below for photos:

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  1. I am proud and waxing lyrical. But where are the money raised and t’hilim said on behalf of Jonathan Pollard? Does the mitzva of pidyon sh’vuim apply to him any less than to R’ Shalom? Alas, Matzav will not publish this comment because it’s not politically correct.

  2. I feel the achdus, and it gives me a big chizuk!!!YASHAR KOACH, its hard to say what the impact of this brings. incredible. I’m also happy for those boys, because its great chinuch for young boys to be doing the inyon of bringing achdus, WOW.

  3. ME KAAMCHA YISRAEL!!!!!! What wonderfful news about the histadlus and work, massive amount of Tehillim said on behalf of Reb Sholem Mordechai Hacohen ben Rivka. May Hashem bless all who strive to do and achieve any work on behalf of Reb Mordechai Shalom. May H’KBH grant him to be matzliach I’YH and to be free. Amen!
    Yes, #3 the excellent comment from #6 is telling YOU to start the campaign, and Klall Yisrael will definately follow…you should be blessed by H’KBH to be matzliach in all that you do for Yehonatan ben Malka! Amen!

  4. #3 You are right and we should daven and continue to help Jonathan, however there are many differences between Rubashkin ad Pollard. You know it.

  5. If we never Daven and donate, when a Goy is a victim of mis-justice, then HKB”H says, “Of course they care but only for their own”.

    In Shomayim this might be counter-productive, because HKB”H is actually the creator and loves all people, adults and children and infants.

  6. To all the ‘Pollard’ protesters,

    #1: We have all called the White House numerous times on his behalf and continue to do so,

    #2: There are many differences between the cases, chief among them the fact that the Pollard case involves the ‘leadership’ in eretz Yisrael that has turned it’s back on him after all he did for them! If they would approach the U.S. seriously regarding the matter he would long be home.

    #3: There are already many activists on Pollard’s behalf, RSM is Charedi so it’s only natural that we’re the only ones that will take up his case.

    #4: As some have already mentioned, it’s easy to sit back & criticize, if you think Pollard needs more activism, than start your own organization!!!

  7. To Normal (#10) For my education and for that of this chashuve tzibbur, please name the differences between Reb Shalom Mordechai HaLevi ben Rifka and Yehonasan ben Malka. Here is an incomplete list of their similarities:
    1. Both are Yiden. 2. Both are shomer Torah u’Mitzvos. 3. Both received sentences well in excess of what other people in the US got for similar types of infractions. I checked who qualifies for the mitzva of pidyon sh’vuim with a world renowned posek. He answered that anyone who fulfills the three points I listed above qualifies, fully qualifies.

  8. To Principal (#6)

    It won’t work unless the big guns subscribe to it. We, frumme Yiden are so overwhelmed by concerns (family concerns, community, Eretz Israel, etc.) that if a Reb Yid knocks at your door without endorsements and some pushing from the heavy guns, he will be ignored. I live in a well-to-do neighborhood in metropolitan NY. A woman came from Bnei Brak collecting for herself. From her looks, one could tell that she was very needy. I gave her $20 (couldn’t give her more; I have been out of work for more than 2 yrs.) and offered to drive her around the community. She accepted the offer. I took my 12-yr. old daughter along. You may find it hard to believe that no one, but absolute no one opened the door for her. And this is a community known for its generosity. And it appears to me that the big guns are not interested in Jonathan Pollard. He has been in jail with the worst reshaim for more than 9000 days, Hashem ihrachem.

  9. Tanna Kamma, your advice of starting my own organization is the elegant way of saying: “Stop bothering me!” You know full well that it wouldn’t work. Others, smarter and more resourceful tried and failed. You think that calling the WH and smoozing with a low-rank official will make you “yotze” of your chiuv? Do you find it that hard to spare a perek t’hilim for Pollard? Do you find it that hard to spare a few words of prayer on Pollard’s benefit where it really counts? Shame on you!

  10. Hi Dovid,

    How do you know Jonathan is not included in my prayers??!! Yehonatan be Malka is a frequent name on my lips!
    Here you are throwing cold water on efforts to save a yid from a grave injustice by telling us to concentrate on other unfortunate cases instead, I’m not telling you to do anything but keep your criticisms to yourself.


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