Murder: All Abortions For Women Aged 20-33 To Be Funded By Israel In 2014

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babyIsraeli health officials announced today that the state would pay for all abortions for women age 20 to 33 starting next year. Subsidized abortions were previously only available in the case of medical emergencies, including assault. An Israeli medical official says he hopes to make the program universal in the future.

“It was brought to our attention that there is a large group of women between 20 and 30 who for various reasons – financial or reasons of secrecy – do not terminate pregnancies,” health official Jonathan Halevy said.

Women will have to appear before a state committee before terminating a pregnancy.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This is a terrible gizaira! Funding for Torah they don’t have but funding for murder, they do have???
    So we’ve come full circle in the “Holyland”! Toeivah marriage & abortion are not only allowed, but encouraged!!!

  2. Where are all the zionists to tell us how fortunate we are to have the medina? Where are they on this with their “prayers for the state of Israel”? I fear this will bring about only an increase in tzurros. Mark my words, if a yiddishe government will pay for the killing of innocent Jews, Hashem will allow Arab governments to as well. Hashem yirachem.

  3. I see a child enveloped in flames. The bystanders are afraid; they do nothing, or else they are only trying to save the building. I see the child. I rush in. Should I first ask my neighbor whether he, too, sees the child? Should I worry whether, in my haste, I am jostling someone, or perhaps hindering the salvage of the building by running in? Perhaps I am causing a draft, fanning the fire?

    “‘But,’ you might ask, ‘what if you are too late? What if the building collapses on top of the child in a roaring con – flagration before you reach it?’ To this I reply: ‘Were I to be buried under it, I would at least have done my duty.’” (Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch, Letter Nineteen, The Nineteen Letters).

  4. A few years ago I looked at Israel’s abortion statistics, which include the reasons for abortions. About 40% would be have been halachically permitted (or mandated) under the opinion of the Tzitz Eliezer, who was the accepted posek for medical halachah in Eretz Yisrael.

  5. Charlie,

    You say “A few years ago I looked at Israel’s abortion statistics, which include the reasons for abortions. About 40% would be have been halachically permitted (or mandated) under the opinion of the Tzitz Eliezer,”

    I have not found you reliable in determining what is or is not allowable according to halacha, based on many , many posts of yours.

    Aside from that, is 60% a small percentage?

    Do you not think that will change?

    Do you consider “matzilin oso benafsho” in that 40%?

  6. Think the new government of Israel (since last election) wants to prove to the world that they are the most G-Dless liberal apikorsim!,r’l.

  7. DONATE TO EFRAT. Efrat is a frum Israeli organization which offers support to women who are considering having an abortion. Efrat found that a large percentage of abortions are for financial reasons or situations where the woman just feels overwhelmed. Efrat provides personal and financial help to these women during and AFTER their pregnancies so that they can give birth without worry. Efrat provides money, clothes and furniture for the baby, and other help. Don’t hate, don’t condemn, GIVE. HELP. There is an American organization “Friends of Efrat” which you can search for on the web and find out more about the organization and how to donate.


  8. v’chol haben (v’habas) l’y’orah tashlich’hu. and if, chas v’sholom, this goes through, are they also going to pay for live births as well? I mean, otherwise its just not fair. live babies should demand equal rights

  9. How Terrible!!!! What have we come to??? Anyone in such a case and anyone that would want to help out can visit EFRAT C.R.I.B. An AMAZING AMAZING organization that fully supports the mother, baby & family with everything and anything ;emotional and physical help!!!


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