MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD: IDF Hesder Student Dvir Sorek Hy”d of Ofra

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Dvir Sorek is the hesder student at Ohr Torah Mahanayim murdered last night in Gush Etzion, it has been cleared for publication.

Dvir, 19, a resident of Ofra, was the son of journalist Yoav Sorek, editor of the “Hashiloach” publication, and his wife Rachel.

Sorek was murdered last night and his body found toward morning near Kibbutz Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion. Security forces dispatched to the scene began extensive searches. His yeshiva said that he had gone to Yerushalayim to buy seforim for the yeshiva, and at night was on his way back to the yeshiva.

At a certain point, contact was lost with him. At 7:30 pm police received a report of a missing person, and forces began extensive searches to locate the soldier. His body was found in the area of the Etzion Regional Brigade at 3 am. Arutz Sheva

Dvir’s grandfather was also killed in a terror attack exactly 19 years ago. Rabbi Benjamin Harling Hy”d  was killed by terrorists who shot a group of tourists near mount Ebal in 2000.


  1. And we should make peace with these animals who if killed when being caught in an act of terror “cry foul” if you can kill at will so should the Jews and the minute you are involved in terror you should be fair game

  2. כלי יקר: פנו לכם צפונה, מלשון נסתר וצפון, שלא תתראו ההצלחה שלכם בפני עשו וישמעאל, שיצחק ירש אברהם, וישמעאל נשאר בחוץ בלי ירושה, וכן יעקב לקח את הברכות מעשו, לכן עשו וישמעאל מרגישים שאנו גנבים, וכל אשר לנו שלהם הוא. אמר רשב”י הלכה בידוע עשו שונא ליעקב [ספרי]. לכן כל הצלחה צריכים להסתיר מעשו וישמעאל, צפון מעיניהם.

  3. It means hide any success from our dear cousins lest their jealousy hence their anger be aroused for in their opinion we have stolen their land – That is the rough translation hope it was helpful


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