Murderer of Baba Elazar: I Kissed His Hand Before Killing Him

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bab-elazar-abuchatzeirahThe murderer of Baba Elazar Abuchatzeirah of Beer Sheva on Thursday says he kissed the rav‘s  hand before stabbing him. “I don’t know what devil or Satan got into me” at the moment of the murder, he said.

Asher Dahan, who is in police custody, told the Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper, “I respect Rav Abuchatzeirah and depend on him for everything. He was everything for me. I worshipped him.”

Dahan murdered the rav in his room later Thursday night.

“Every time I left the rav, I had a feeling of happiness and joy,” Dahan told police investigators. He gave me hope there is a solution to everything in life, and I never tight for a moment that perhaps he was wrong.

Dahan had consulted Rav Abuchatzeirah several times lately concerning marital problems.

“There were problem between my wife and me,” Dahan explained. “I went often to the rav for advice, and he told me to do all sorts of things, but the situation only got worse. It caused me personal damage, and it reached point that I was afraid of a divorce.”

He described his actions after he entered the rav‘s conference room without anyone stopping him or asking him any questions. Dahan waited to be the last one to see the rav so he could be alone with him.

“I kissed the rav‘s hand and said a few words” after entering, Dahan related. “Seconds later, I took out the knife and stabbed him in his chest. He screamed and fell to the floor.”

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  1. I must protest with the strongest possible language that out of respect for The Tzadik nifter T’Z this details should be censured.

    Additionally we have plenty enemies trying to get to us and take advantage of this tragedy to expand antisemitism plus we do not want our children repeating such a horrible stories. please edit the report!

  2. I agree strongly with Rabbi Goldstein…based on R’ Shteinman’s reaction sounds like we’re talking about a “real deal” tzaddik, let’s act bakovodik.

  3. what has become of this world it has come to a point of nisarbu harutzchim these people are murderers and everybody comes to answer that they are crazy

  4. It seems like the brains around any media (unzer media, heimish, yiddish) never knows what to report and what NOT to report…never use the seichel HKBH gave them!!!men darf nisht ales aroisleigen far de velt tzu zain!!!!

  5. “Rabbi Avraham Goldstein”:

    Please clarify: do you mean “censure”, meaning to criticize or reproach in a harsh or vehement manner, or do you mean “censor”, meaning to delete a word or passage of text?

    If you want “protest with the strongest possible language” please try and get it right.

  6. Don’t edit a single word. Let the truth be told. Let children know there are murderers among Klal Yisroel, unfortunately. Stop shielding children from the brutality of life, especially Jewish brutality. They learn in yeshiva how horrible we were thousands of years ago—to God, to the prophets, etc.—and so they should know how Jews behave today as well. Pretty poorly. I say they get an education. DON’T EDIT ANYTHING. Let’s hear more. The light of day and truth is the greatest disinfectant.

  7. Dear Shmuel!

    There are disturbing flaws on your posting.

    Even many gentiles will agree that children are to young to digest and comprehend such a serious crimes.

    Are you awear of the purity of our communities?
    The crimes commited in the last month are extemely rare and shocking and unheard amoung the Jewish people.
    There are a reasons for that!
    We protect ourselves from exposure to them.

    Im sure that there are things about you that despite being true…you will not share with everyone! Be honest!

  8. 16. Comment from Rabbi Avraham Goldstein
    Time August 1, 2011 at 1:41 AM

    MR. Boomslang:

    let say I mean Both!


    LOL! Thank you for taking my comment in good humor.

    Best wishes.

  9. Rabbi Avraham Goldstein

    I don’t know who you are nor do I care. Obviously you are very concerned with titles as you behave in regard to bomslang.

    Regardless. I find your concern about children being privy to the details as presented by Matzav a bit absurd as children really should not be viewing and surfing here at all. Its bad enough that we do. But I find it hard to believe that your filter only allows for Matzav. If so you are unique. I would suggest you filter this out as well

  10. Dear Poster No.21

    I dont know who you are either but the comment you gave gives me a very good idea of who you are and why you are thinking the way you do!

    “I don’t know who you are nor do I care.”

  11. Obviously you have no valid response to my critique. By the way I’m willing to challenge you on anything in Arba Chelkei Shulchan Aruch


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