Murderer Switches to Judaism – For the Food

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brian-duganHoping to get better food, Brian Dugan changed religions after he was transferred to the DuPage County Jail to stand trial for the murder of 10-year-old Jeanine Nicarico, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Dugan switched his religious affiliation in jail records from agnostic to Orthodox Judaism, writing in a 2008 letter to a friend that he hoped the change would result in more filling kosher meals.”I heard the kosher diet was better, so I switched my affiliation. Now I’m the only agnostic Jew in the jail,” Dugan wrote in the letter that was read yesterday to jurors deciding whether Dugan should receive the death penalty for the 1983 murder of the Naperville girl.

DuPage County prosecutors seeking the death sentence for Dugan – who pleaded guilty in July to fatally bludgeoning Jeanine – are trying to portray him to jurors as manipulative and callous. Dugan already is serving life sentences for two other murders.

During testimony Tuesday, jail officers described how Dugan filed frequent grievances against everything from the poor quality of the paper in a copier used by inmates to the medication he received from a nurse for his hayfever.

An August shakedown of his jail cell also found Dugan had books and magazines he wasn’t supposed to have, including erotic novels and a book about fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter, said Maj. Don Knoll, a DuPage County sheriff’s officer.

In 2009, Dugan again changed diets, switching to vegetarian meals – even though his jailhouse nickname is “cheeseburger.”

In a grievance he filed in July, Dugan complained that diet lacked protein, writing “please ensure I receive a protein substitute.”

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