Musk Apologizes, Then Doubles Down on Supposedly Antisemitic Tweet About Self-Hating Jew Soros

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Elon Musk dug in his heels after comparing billionaire philanthropist George Soros to Magneto, an evil fictional villain who, like Soros, is a Jewish Holocaust survivor.

On Wednesday, after critics accused him of antisemitism for having tweeted two days earlier that “Soros reminds me of Magneto,” Musk wrote, “I’d like to apologize for this post.” One minute later, he tweeted again: “It was really unfair to Magneto.”

In an interview on CNBC on Tuesday evening, Musk literally laughed off the controversy, saying, “You know, calm down, people.” He explained to interviewer David Faber that, as he had tweeted later on Monday, it was “my opinion” that Soros “wants to erode the very fabric of civilization”—rhetoric that echoes a common paranoid antisemitic conspiracy theory. Musk seemed unaware or uncaring of this, however, adding in a bizarre aside, “I’m like a pro-semite, if anything.”


  1. Duck man Soros is a squonk of unnecessary war.

    His dry eyes are very wet with tribulation. Overall he makes me cry.

  2. He’s right! There’s no reason to tell to the worthless ADL. If Soros is a creep, then he should be pointed out as a creep. It makes no difference what religion he is allegedly belonging to. He definitely isn’t Jewish, definitely doesn’t act Jewish! He’s acting more like ish than Jew!

    In simple words, SOROS IS SHAYGITZ GAMUR

  3. This is so silly. Criticizing a Jew is not innately antisemitic.
    He also didn’t apologize for real, obviously. This is absurd.

  4. If 95% orthodox Jews hate and criticize evil George Soros than it must be most orthodox Jews are antisemites according to the twisted logic of the ADL.
    This טמא’נע יונג George Soros reminds me of the episode where a youth murdered his parents and appeals to the judge to have mercy on him because he is now an orphan.


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