Muslim Brotherhood Chief Calls for Holy War Against Israel

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muslim-brotherhood-egyptThe head of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood called for Muslims to “raise the flag of Jihad in the way of God” to liberate Jerusalem. In a statement issued Thursday in Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper, Mohammed Badie said negotiations are pointless.

“Let Muslims know and let Believers be certain that the recovery of the holy sites and the safeguarding of goods and blood from the hands of the Jews will not be through the corridors of the United Nations, nor through negotiations,” a translation of Badie’s statement said. “The Zionists only know the method of force. They will not step back from transgression, unless they are forced to. This will only be by holy Jihad, and enormous sacrifices and all forms of resistance. One day they will be certain that we will choose this Way, and raise the flag of Jihad in the Way of God. We will go forth to the field of Jihad. This will curb their hands and prevent their tyranny.”

Egypt’s new President Mohamed Morsi, “grew up in the Muslim Brotherhood” and was the group’s designated candidate for leadership. He has not disavowed similar threatening statements from Badie, his Brotherhood colleague. In a July sermon, after Morsi’s election, Badie said Muslims have a duty “to purify it from the hands of usurpers and cleanse Palestine from the clutches of the Occupation – that is an individual duty on all Muslims. They must wage Jihad with their money and lives and free it, and free its prisoners, male and female … and enable all of the displaced to return to their homeland, their homes, and their possessions.”

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