Muslim Woman Leaves Touching Response To Yesterday’s Terror Attack On Facebook

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The following Facebook post was written by a Muslim woman in the aftermath of the Ariel Junction terror attack which took the lives of two people, Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, a father of 12, and Sergeant Gal Keidan, a 19 years old from Beer Sheva:


BDE HY”D Gal Keiden and HaRav Achiad Ettinger. May God bless your families with the love and support they need to manage living their lives.

I don’t care what people have to say about my unpopular opinion, but the Ariel terror attack struck me far more than the NZ attack.

Yes, all innocent human lives matter. And yes, I did feel bad when I read of the background stories of the victims of the NZ attack, especially the greeter by the door, the father that threw himself over the shooter, and the 3-year-old boy.

But the reason I didn’t bother commenting on NZ till now was because of the support and solidarity of Jews worldwide- who did so despite knowing very well that support and solidarity doesn’t quite come at the same scale from Muslim communities worldwide when terror strikes Jews.

Now names of victims of the Ariel terror attack are slowly being released, and it’s triggering my anger and sadness from previous losses.

I have no doubt that the victims of the NZ attack were exemplary people. And I know God loves and values us all the same. But…! Senseless Jewish deaths affect me much more in general, because I pretty much know that in their own way, the victims were working on leaving the world in a better state than when they entered it. As far as I know, there is no official tikkun olam type mandate for Muslims to repair the world. So when Jews senselessly pass before their time, it feels like a greater premature loss to the betterment of the world. To me at least.

Again, I know this is all terribly politically incorrect of me to say, but those are my thoughts. When you come across people that are like, “I don’t hear Muslims condemning terror attacks against Jews,” you can tell them that you know at least one. Me.



  1. This text is a little bit strange and does not sound to me as written by a Muslim. To be fair, there are hundreds of millions of Muslims of very different background and culture, and I am sure some among them know about tikkun olam, BDE, HY”D and so on. It is the first time for me I read something like this.
    Thank you to the woman who expressed her, as she called it, unpopular opinion. I do know myself more than one Muslim who, perhaps with different words, have unequivocally condemned the latest vile and cowardly attack and previous ones.


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