Muslims, Jews Have Higher COVID Death Rate, UK Figures Indicate


The death rate from COVID-19 in England and Wales is higher among people who identify as Muslims, Jews, Hindus or Sikh than Christians or those with no stated religion, Britain’s statistics office said on Friday.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics also reflected previous studies which showed that black and other ethnic minority groups had a far higher risk of death from the disease than those with white ethnicity.

According to the ONS, which examined data from the start of March until May 15, the mortality rate among Muslims was higher than any other group, with those who were Jewish, Hindu or Sikh also showing higher death rates.

“With ethnicity included, (this) demonstrates that a substantial part of the difference in mortality…between religious groups is explained by the different circumstances in which members of these groups are known to live; for example, living in areas with higher levels of socio-economic deprivation and differences in ethnic makeup,” the ONS report said.

“However, after adjusting for the above, Jewish males are at twice the risk of Christian males, and Jewish women are also at higher risk,” said Nick Stripe, head of Life Events at the ONS, adding that more research was needed to explain this.

The mortality rate among Muslim men was 98.9 deaths per 100,000 and 98.2 deaths per 100,000 for women. For those who said they had no religion in Britain’s 2011 census, the figure was 80.7 deaths per 100,000 males and 47.9 deaths per 100,000 females.

The findings coincide with more statistics which show that black and Asian people in England and Wales were at higher risk from the novel coronavirus.

Figures showed that the highest mortality rate was among black men at 255.7 per 100,000 compared to a rate of 87 deaths per 100,000 white males. The death rate was 119.8 per 100,000 for black women and 52 per 100,000 for white women.

That echoes an official study earlier this month which found black and Asian people in England were up to 50% more likely to die after becoming infected with COVID-19.

“Significant differences also remain for Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian men,” Stripe said.

Reuters and Algemeiner Staff



  1. “Covid-19” because it’s all about the כבוד covod, keeping the respect of the thousands of elite criminals while they are being arrested. 19 is the added bracha in the daily Shemon Esra for wanton enemies למינים ולמלשינים / למלשינים ולמינים . “For heretics and slanderers let there be no hope and may all the wanton sinner perish in an instant. May you speedily uproot and smash the evil kindgom and destroy them speedily in our days.”

  2. because they’re stuck in the house for over 4 months like idiots and then go out with masks that are dangerous
    facts show that those who do not follow the distance keeping have not come down with any virus

  3. Maybe because these groups are more likely to live in tightly packed urban setting, as opposed to rural areas.
    Maybe because these groups got hit first, but are close to the herd immunity, while the other groups will continue to have fatalities until they reach the herd immunity as well – i.e. the death rate is the same but the timing may be more or less concentrated.
    Basically, this article is another mindless manipulation of data.


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