Must Read: Rav Chaim’s Response To Yeshiva Tragedy



The talmidim of Beit Yosef Novardok Yeshiva and their families were left homeless last week, after an uncontrollable blaze burned down the yeshiva facilities and attached housing. An unusually long letter [see Hebrew below] to the public has been issued by Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a regarding the tragedy:

To the generous ones amongst the nation,  our brothers bnei yisroel who are in each and every place.

It is indeed well known throughout the entire aretz the yeshiva kedosha Beis Yosef Novardok which is in France, whose reputation proceeds it as a house which brings up Torah and pure yirah for many years now. And many, and good ones, fill its benches and at their sides avreichim talmidei chachamim, the matured of the yeshiva, who have established their dwelling places around it.

And now, by the decree of Heaven, fire went out and consumed the beis hayeshiva hakedosha.

And with it as well was consumed the homes of the learners of the yeshiva. Such that they were left bereft of all, mamash without a roof befitting of its name, they and their wives, sons, and daughters.

And specifically at the onset of Chag HaPesach (it should come upon us for the good), such that they will be unable to fulfill fittingly (Gd forbid) the mitzvos and the simcha of the chag.

And it is a big & great mitzvah on each and every one to take part in the tzedaka collection which was announced by the gabbaim of the yeshiva, which has in it both the choicest tzedaka and chesed as well as the spreading and support of Torah in the most elevated way.

And those who support with their body and finances this holy collection will certainly be zoche from Heaven to celebrate the Chag HaPesach in their houses with their family members joyfully, and with any harm, Gd forbid, with great joy, wealth, and honor.

Chaim Kanievsky

This potent message from the Rav just hours before Pesach needs little explanation. Those who wish to fulfill this mitzvah of “the choicest tzedaka and chesed as well as the spreading and support of Torah in the most elevated way,” and to help the avreichim of Yeshivas Beit Yosef Novardok and their family, can do so here for a limited time.



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