MUST WATCH: Bear Breaks Out Of Minivan By Smashing The Window


A group of people captured footage of a giant black bear breaking out of a mini van by smashing through the driver seat window.

It is unclear how the bear entered the van in the first place. Bear sightings have become common in the Monsey area in recent years as the animals have been forced to leave their mountain habitats in search for food.

Police are warning residents to keep away from bears and to not approach them under any circumstances.



  1. Is the bear responsible for the deductible? Was the bear tagged? Send all claims, receipts and payment requests to Andrew Cuomo. Bears Lives Matter.

  2. don’t leave car doors unlocked. maybe the bear was able to open the door and then it closed on him after he entered the car.

  3. are these bears hiding in plain sight? where do they hybernate? Lately they are around real populated areas. very interesting

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